Thursday, 23 June 2011

Morning surprise sex

i wake up much before the alarm again. i epilate and i have time to read and archive some of my D/s texts before Mistress wakes up and i go and hug Her. She orders me to make only a sandwich and tea for Her and bring it to Her. As i bring it, i say ‘my cock cage is hurting behind the balls can i change a larger ring’ She orders me to follow Her to the bedroom, and open the chest where W/we keep the cock cage parts. Then i notice She has taken out Her corset and stockings – maybe it is not about changing the a-ring? She orders me to sit down, and while She puts on the outfit, She orders me to don ankle and wrist bracelets and take off the cock cage – what a relief. She orders me in the bed on my back. i lie in an X, but She asks ‘Who told you to lie like that’ and i put my hands and feet along body.

She sits on my stomach and glides from where on top of my face. i start really intensive licking which goes on until She gives me a condom and orders me to put it on. She fixes my wrists to the headboard above my head, and takes me inside Her by impaling herself on me. She lets me fuck Her from below. Then She removes my hands from the headboard and makes me fuck Her on my knees on the hardwood floor while She lies on Her back sideways on the bed. At the same time i may suck her wonderful breasts.

She wants me to fuck Her from behind with my tongue next, as i press my face tight against her butt, and then She guides me behind Her and inserts me from behind. She orders me to start slowly, and picking up the speed gradually. This succeeds and She gets a huge orgasm. i think that i succeeded without getting an (unpermitted) orgasm, but as i stop moving i begin to cum. She asks if i came, and i answer ‘i’m cumming’. i don’t move at all while i cum to ruin it even a little bit. It seemed to help, and along the day my sex drive was returning quickly, it seemed where was no downtime.

i have to clear everything up and get dressed. i may be without cock cage for some time. Mistress tightens her grip and says i have to be under Her surveillance all the time when i’m out of the cb. After breakfast She says W/we are going out again, this time She takes out her bike – i get it, W/we are going cycling. It’s a longish route, and like when walking, She doesn’t give away the route before Her own example shows me the right direction. Once i am about to miss a turn, as She turns unexpectedly. W/we are overtaken by a shower, and change clothes at home, Mistress tells me to put on the cb.

Later i will repot the large fern, which is a big project including cleaning up afterwards. i make a lunch by warming up old food and preparing Mistress’s favourite salad along the menu.

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