Wednesday, 1 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 13


Sir: ‘hubby, are you OK?’
me: Sir, yes Sir, i’m very comfortable Sir’ my concentration now moves to Sir and my Wife sitting beside Him, just a few feet away from me. i realize all i need to cum is a word. A word from His lips.
Sir: ‘What do you think about the circumstances, do you like it down there?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, this is heaven – agh (a deep thrust by ricki) – i like this so much. Too much, Sir’
Sir: ‘Wouldn’t you like to fuck your Wife instead?’
me: ‘Sir, no Sir. i love Her very much, but i am a slave. i don’t deserve to use my penis. i don’t want to use it. Sir, you are so right keeping it locked so it remains small. i love to be taken this way, Sir, with my Wife watching, Sir’
my Wife: ‘So this is the only kind of sex you want from now on?’
me: ‘Yes, mistress. This way, or any other way Sir and you decide this worthless slave is allowed to spew his cum, Mistress’
Sir. ‘christa, resume’
Oh God, the stick starts hitting on my sweet spot again. immediately i return to close proximity of orgasm. Only later i come to think that this is the closest to a clitoris orgasm a male can get.
me: ‘Sir, this slave is close to cumming, Sir. May this slave cum?’
Sir: ‘No, not yet.’ christa removes the bar.
Sir: ‘hubby, is there anything you wish you could have in your ass right now instead of ricki’s strapon?’
me: ‘Sir, your cock, Sir. It would be a privilege to be fucked by a Real man’s Real Cock, Sir.’
Sir: ‘Well, you are not getting everything you wish for, do you?’
me: ‘Sir, no, Sir’
Sir: ‘Any other wishes not fulfilled now?’
me: ‘Sir, i wish i hade makeup and was dressed as a pretty gurl when fucked, Sir’
Sir: ‘And what is the pretty gurl’s ideal way of cumming?’
me: ‘Sir, i wish i would be taught to cum in my cb with anal stimulation only, with no stimulus to my cock. Sir’
i was happy i had memorized my “opinions” so well.
Sir: ‘Now you may beg.’
me: ‘Oh please, please, Sir. Sir, my Master, please let this lowly, measly, worthless slave to cum, Sir please, pleeeeease’ (in a very pleading voice)’
Sir: ‘Why would you need to cum, boi?’
me: ‘Sir! Sir, you have kept this slave chaste for 33 days now, and Sir, i am so excited and horny, with all that fucking (that went on right then) and poking on my g-spot. But my orgasms are under your rule, Sir, and i wish to cum only at your sign, Sir’
Sir: ‘resume, christa’
The compression of the cock cage alone had been enough to keep me overtly excited, i was so turned on i whined as the metal rod again made contact to the underside of my penis. ricki kept on pounding my ass, all i could do was open and close my fingers and toes inside boots as the inescapable approached. Only 10 seconds and i had to think of my office desk again.
me: ‘Sir this slave is close to cumming. Is this slave allowed to cum, Sir?’
Sir extends His boot to my head.
Sir: ‘Lick it, yes, you may cum now, boi’
Oh Yes! Yes! christa continued to poke, and no longer was it necessary to hold back. i became my ass, so royally fucked. i became my g-spot, so wonderfully poked. i was finally pushed – poke – by – poke – over – the – point – of – no – return. my orgasm was irreversibly on its way.
me. ‘Sir, this slave is cumming, Sir’
That was no longer a question, it was report. That was a message to christa and ricki, too. christa knew to stop poking now. ricki knew to withdraw quickly from my anus. i was to cum passively without contact to another person and without any stimulus. All i could do was wiggle my toes and fingers. It’s difficult to describe how it felt during this, one of the most peculiar male orgasms that can be imagined. the orgasm was on its way, small spasms moving semen inside me towards the cramped urethra. Bondage was forbidding all natural thrusting a man would do during orgasm. The compression of the cock cage serves as a reminiscence of a vagina and maintains spasms that don’t exist in a normal ruined orgasm. i feel orgasmic pleasure, though its amount is severely controlled. i cannot concentrate on the pleasure as i have to keep licking Master’s boot – now He offers me the dirty sole. i have to keep my tongue moving, i know no moment without a new lick is allowed. A formerly active male is now reduced so that his only active part during his orgasm is a busy tongue along with useless fingers and toes. It looks like almost nothing is happening, though i am experiencing a luxurious cum: my 4 earlier cums have been totally ruined. Then suddenly, as if out of the blue, white drops start dribbling out in tiny spurts to a small cup held by christa, as my licks on the boot of the Superior Male continue. Lick – drop – lick – drop - they intermix bizarrely. i have cum. Because semen does not just leak, but oozes out in small spurts it means this is better than a ruined orgasm, something between a real and a ruined orgasm. As last drops fall to the waiting receptacle, He offers generously His other sole for me to lick.
Sir: ‘Smear the dildo, let him lick his cum’
The words are addressed to christa and ricki. he drops on his back before me as Master draws back His clean boot. she pours a little semen on ricki’s dildo that still bears marks from its conquest in my cavity. What is about to begin is a routine for us. What comes from the boi must go back in the boi. The released semen has to be licked from a used dildo or another slave’s boot (Masters not letting Their boots smeared). The final humiliation is to be made to lick a mixture of my own cum, so humiliatingly excreted, and my own faeces. christa pours little by little on the dildo, making sure all parts are cleaned.
Sir: ‘remove the bonds, slaves’
ricki and christa join forces to let me up and pile or equipment.
Sir: ‘hubby, you are back to long points now’
i stand up before Him for easy access to my cb. He opens the lock, follows as longest spikes are put back by me and the lock clicks closed.
Sir: ‘ricki and hubby, back to your chores’ we leave running as is the rule outdoors. we have a busy night of preparing dinner and ironing before us.

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