Wednesday, 1 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 14


It may seem O/our life at the ranch was nothing but play, sessions and fucking. In real life it was 99% hard work, preparing meals, cleaning up and maintaining the house and garden with outfits and submission as our only joy, nearly always in cruel long points of intrigue. As we got really excited and semi erect, they dug little wounds to the root of penis. The wounds were extremely painful with even the slightest semi tumescence, and they rarely got to heal, so we didn’t even encourage ourselves to erotic thoughts, let alone poke our penises through the bars. That was possible only with points removed or with smallest points. So we always wore longest or middle spikes, depending on the mood of our Masters and the quality of our service. When i was especially horny, i tried all possible, even desperate means of getting off, like pressing my cock cage against a mixer i was using, but had to stop because of the spikes. The routine days are hard to memorize, so my story concentrates on the special occasions and the rare orgasms we got.

Special occasions included the days when christa had caught a flu and i was allowed to stand in for her. she must have caught a flu while W/we were in the pain garden, as she became sick the next day. her being sick means i first cook the meal and then serve Them at the table, spending the whole day in maid’s dress (even the sexy maid’s dress as i had grown nearly A cup titties) – corset, stockings, 6” sandals, bra, make up, a wig with black, bobbed, quite long hair, feminine wrist and ankle bracelets, a little lower cut white leather collar, a small remote control butt plug that Sir can make vibrate as a reward. Another small bullet vibrator is stuffed in the tip of the cock cage, under penis head. As i have also electric traiing collar around my genitals, Sir can both shock my penis for punishment and vibrate the penis head as a reward!

Dressed as a pretty maid i could watch Sir hug and kiss my Wife at the table. After the meal ricki was also summoned in our regular houseboy costume. Sir and my Wife reclined on the sofa.
Sir: ‘hubby, massage my feet’
Mistress: ‘ricki, my shoulders hurt, massage them.’
We started massaging, him standing behind my Wife and me on the floor kneeling before Him. we knew we must continue until told otherwise. After a long while of massaging Sir orders me to open His zipper and take his cock in my mouth. i reach forward and carefully uncover His Real Penis. It gets hard in my mouth. i’m not gay, but it feels good to get in contact with something warm and alive. i get turned on, long spikes hurt down there. Does that mean i am gay anyway? Or bi?
One … two knocks on my forehead. i start moving my head vigorously along Master’s shaft.
my Wife: ‘ricki, remove my panties’
ricki scurried around the sofa, Mistress continued: ‘With your teeth’. he knelt and raised Mistress’s skirt, diving under it. Soon he got hold of them and was drawing them downwards.
my Wife: ‘Now lick my pussy’ he was getting a rare treat. Knocks on his forehead guided his licking too. One knock, slow licking around the clit, two knocks, long licks along the pussy, three licks, make your mouth into a funnel at peehole and wait for pee, four knocks, fast horizontal licks across clit, five, fucking with tongue. One knock, a break and two knocks means to start a trained pussy licking routine, quite complicated actually. my Wife is careful not to let me even see under Her skirt, Sir is strict about that. my Wife starts soon breathing heavily beside Master. My lips are interlocked around His penis, now at full mast, a big pole bouncing against my throat, Sir taking advantage of all that training with large dildos to control the choking reaction of my throat.

my Wife starts kissing Sir on the mouth, Her hand appears and takes hold of the root of His cock, limiting my mouth’s territory to the engorged penis head. Soon Sir’s hand pushes me away, my Wife starts a slow masturbation routine on Him. i feel so privileged to finally be here with T/them. After all the nights of handwashing dishes and then going to sleep early, tied up in bed. Now i see what “Adults” do after kids are put to bed!
The pleasure is short-lived. Masters decide to continue in the play room (It also has a motorized king-sized bed, besides all sorts of vibrators and other toys.) and i am sent to christa who is reclining in her room, to ask her to put me in the bed. ricki gets with Them to the play room, he may remain and assist in Them.

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