Sunday, 5 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 15


When ricki has been to Sir and my Wife, i ask him during our bedtime chat minutes (when both are in bed) what has happened and what he got to do. Fortunately he is allowed to tell.
‘They made me help Mistress into a waist corset and stockings, high heels. Then i was put in a corner. They did some snuggling – i don’t what, i just heard the bed groan’
Now i got an erection. my semi orgasm did nothing to end my constant horniness. Nocturnal erections are allowed, we are completely spike-free during the night in our long (cb-3000) cock cages. But our hands are tied – no possibility of masturbating the cock with the cock cage, which could be an easy way of cumming for a horny boi in a cock cage without long points of intrigue. ricki continues his story.
‘Then i was summoned. your Wife wanted Her clit licked while Sir was fucking Her. They were doing it doggy style. He made big thrusts against Her ass, that created a strong thudding sound each time His loins hit Her butt. She was already close to cumming. i lied down under Her head, facing the opposite direction and wiggled my way under Her, towards Her pussy. i raised and tilted my head back so that i could lick Her clit while Sir’s penis was working Her pussy just an inch away. i started flicking my tongue across Her clit sideways which She likes, and She came in just 10 seconds. Sir didn’t cum yet. He withdrew and made your Wife sit on my face so i could continue licking Her pussy all around. From under Her i saw directly up to Her breasts and saw Sir was doing some sucking on Her nipples to get Her excited again. Then… He put His penis in your Wife’s mouth’
‘Her mouth? Did He cum in Mistress’s mouth’
‘No, He didn’t want to shoot His Load in your Wife’s mouth. He suggested to Her that She get on Her back, which She willingly did. Sir raised Her feet on His shoulders and started banging away, long thrusts all the way in. He wore no condom of course. At this point He smiled at me and told me to wait in the corner again. My nose in the corner i only heard the thudding sounds after that. As Master finally came, They were both exceptionally vocal, your Wife screamed a long time, She must have got another. Creampie with my knees on the floor, bent backwards on the bed. A regular amount.’
The 5 minutes allowed for chatting was over. No chance to ask anything else. As ricki spoke and proudly narrated the exciting events of the late night, i came to think of Sir’s beige Mercedes, a E300 model. It has leather seats, effective air conditioning, big motor, all extras. It could be me driving in that car! But they make me drive a used Nissan Note, a small-salaried women’s car. i have a good salary, they must have used a big part of my salary to buy the Mercedes. Isn’t it unfair? slaves know nothing about the finances. we just deposit our pay checks on the designated account (on Mistress’s name), and get a (too) small allowance for groceries, gas and clothes that must be bought second had or from a flea market. i feel my penis bulge in its prison again. It could be me fucking me Wife to tremendous orgasms! Or could it be? She never got a double orgasm with me.

i like to submit, but i have got more than i bargained for. Surely, now with Sir William. But mind is a surprising thing. It adapts, at least a slave’s mind does. my brain cannot handle a lot of pain, but it can cope with a lot of humiliation. Sometimes i wonder if there’s any limit to the humiliations i can take. They cannot hurt me with humiliations – but Sir has found to hurt me without giving me pain, too. The one humiliation that hurts is depriving me of humiliations, making me an outsider, not the one to lick Master’s cock clean after It has made my Wife orgasm.

A few days later, after Dinner, Sir sent ricki to get me. In His study He spoke.
‘you have been a good boi, hubby. you have now communicated to your Wife all the opinions i implanted in your mind. you will be getting your reward. The reward - do you remember? Of course you do, ha ha ha! Now you will get your Wife here to watch you get your reward. you will tell Her…’
Soon i was in front of my Wife with the taught phrase in my mind.
‘Mistress, would you care to watch as Master fulfils this slave’s biggest dream and gives this slave its last penetration: a ruined orgasm in a sissy male slave’s mouth.’
‘Yes, i know hubby. Your big night. I’ll join you in a minute, I’ll just go to the toilet first’
i got back to Sir in the play room and reported kneeling up. ricki was there too.
‘ricki, lock 25cm chains between hubby’s collar and wrists’
‘Sir, yes, Sir’
The chains soon made it impossible for me to touch my crotch even if i had gone berserk and tried something that stupid.
‘Hands clasped behind necks, all. hubby here’
He was sitting on the play room leather couch and pointed the floor before Him. He put His key to my chastity lock. Just as the lock clicked, Mistress walked in and sat beside Him.
‘ricki, remove his cb. Then, kneel up behind the couch facing it’
Now W/we were all watching in the same direction, to the open space in the middle of the large room. Behind the space was the motorized sex bed.
My erection soon stood rampant. Mistress turned Her head momentarily, looked at me and glanced down on my “manhood”.
Sir clapped His hands a few times. Now christa appeared. she had been preparing a show. she was stunning in a long straight blonde wig, light make up, crimson lips & mascara. she had only her red feminine collar, thick white stay up stockings, pink 6” heel sandals and a sleeveless shirt dress. It was that sheer and tight as a body stocking, ending at the tops of her thighs, showing half of the pink cb-2000 (no panties) as she walked towards us with her hips swaying and bare hands swinging with tilted wrists. her full breasts showed full and round under the fabric, even the rings showed, and a little below contours of a corset that was to blame for her curvaceous figure. she stopped before Masters, her weight on her right foot, tilting her head to the right. Then she turned around, a feminine looking butt so cute as she peeked around her shoulder to Sir and walked away.

my Wife: ‘she’s a smashing cutiebutt. Are W/we seeing her in other outfits as well?’
Sir: ‘Yes, just wait and see’

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