Sunday, 12 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 16


And W/we waited, i began to leak streams on the floor and Sir ridiculed me for drooling over christa and He made me lick it up.
Soon christa appeared again. This time only in her pink lacy corset, bare breasts hanging free with the golden rings, a bright red collar with a big bell ringing at every step. she had pink lacy garters, wedding garter type, around the tops of her stockings, and similar bands around her left wrist and right arm. she had childish pink shoes with low heels, straps with bow ties around her ankles and bikini panties of the same color. There were cat ears on her head and a long cat's tail was attached to her ass obviously by means of a butt plug. she walked slowly in front of us, hips swaying well at each step, then started lowering her panties a little, showing the cock cage, turning around and showing teasingly the fullness of her ass.
She walked away and after a break needed for changing the costume she appeared once again. This time in a pink frilly puffy dress with narrow straps going over her shoulders, white stockings, high heeled sandals again, now with pearls bracelets and necklaces. She had put on heavier slutty make up, lot of kajal around her eyes.
‘Put on the music, ricki’, Sir said after her coquet approach. ricki had been ordered to put on ‘Oops I did it again’. christa started a little feminine dance routine which included showing a little bare thigh above the stocking, a glimpse of a naked buttock under the petticoats and a lot of wiggling and wriggling in a flirty manner. Sir tapped His crotch, a sign for christa to lay sideways in His lap, her butt settled on His thighs. Over His shoulder i managed to see how He uncovered her smooth butt, shoving His fingers between the tops of her thighs. her head was in Mistress’s lap, She stroked her neck and cheek.
Sir: ‘ricki, get the nettles and the pouch.’
Now what was that? Sir must have some devious plan in His head, how to humiliate me during the blow job. Nettles in my pants, probably. But why the pouch? The pouch is made of leather and it can be used to enclose genitals. He will put my genitals in the pouch with nettles!
i was right. i was called to kneel before the Master Couple, hands still clasped behind my neck, as ricki was ordered to fit my erect member in the pouch and then stuff it with nettles using rubber gloves.
‘Push all the nettles in there. All you can fit in!’ Oh my God, nettles all around my erection, and balls. Burns in the most sensitive spots, and i had not yet fully covered from the trip to the pain garden.
‘Now this makes sure you don’t try to defy my rules and hump anything with your pathetic dick while you wait in the corridor behind the door while I fuck christa in the ass. I changed my mind. your time to have fun with christa is not yet today. Squat in the corridor, and close the door after you. But first ricki will put the leather mask on your head’
‘Sir, yes Sir. Thank you, Sir’
And so i was once again humiliated so much that my erection throbbed even though it was trapped inside a bag of nettles, with no possibility for me to let it out. Leathery odours soon encompassed me, darkness surrounded me and breathing become a bit more difficult as it had to go through the small nostril holes. i felt my way out of the play room with my elbows pushed forward to shield my head from impacts, and squatted a long time in the corridor, knees spread wide, not to any way touch or move the pouch of nettles and cause further burns. Thumps and cries from the play room told me that something was going on, but it was only in the bed that i got the full account through ricki:
‘christa was put into her usual sex position, but this time on the bed. Spreader bar, wrists to spreader bar. Then your Wife undressed Sir and took His cock in Her mouth, then placed a condom on it while i was told to put k-y jelly in her hole. And then Sir took her in the ass, i got the impression it was the first time Sir fucked her. Buzzing went on simultaneously, it was handled by your Wife, and soon christa was begging to be allowed to cum. Twice she was edged by shutting off the vibrator and denying her, but third time she was allowed to cum, while i held the cup under her cage. Master fucked her all through her orgasm, so she got a nearly full orgasm and spilled a good amount of cum, she must have been kept chaste for a long time. God she was spent at that point. Master did not cum in her ass, though. i was made to remove the condom with my teeth, and then He fucked your Wife, and came inside Her without a condom, and i got to lick it all up, in the queening stool. Master told me not to swallow, but gather everything in my mouth and spit it in another cup. Next He told me to funnel christa’s cum back in her ass – for you to drink later. christa was still tied, in the spreader bar. During this Master left to check on you’
Yes, i recall how my long squat in the darkness of the leather helmet was interrupted as the door was opened. i was squatting with my face to the door, like i was left. my thighs were killing me after a long time in this strenuous pose, but i tried to remain still, fidgeting being punishable offense if told to stay in a position. my eyes water again as i remember the pain when Sir Marc’s foot kicked my scrotum. i had tried to keep my genitals in peace inside the pouch, but now two types of pain hit me simultaneously: a kick on my balls and nettles brushing my balls and my penis. my reaction was involuntary. Sir was furious.
‘Keep those fucking knees spread idiot!!’
i tried to comply to His direct order, so He could keep kicking my nettle-clad balls. It was uttermost difficult for me to obey and allow Him access to continue to torture my worthless slave genitals. Somehow i succeeded, though He barked again:
‘Wider! Wider!’
before turning His attention again to ricki.
‘ricki, ricki! Bring me the leash.’
Soon i heard light, cautious footsteps near.
‘Hands off the neck!’
i hang my hands at my tits as something was hooked to a ring at the back of my neck.
So i was paraded back to the play room on my elbows and knees, hands still chained to neck. Inexistent vision caused that i had to rely on Sir’s guidance with the leash like a good dog. my limited moving ability made Him drag me along with a few sharp tugs on the leash which strained my neck and made me momentarily forget the pain in my elbows carrying my weight, something they are not used to, and the burning on my balls and penis, as well as the fatigue of my thighs. He spoke again after i had made my new entrĂ©e.
‘your Superiors have had Their fun here while you were dismissed. Do you think you are worthy of spilling your seed in the same room? ricki, remove the fucking mask so W/we can hear him!’

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