Monday, 13 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - part 17


As the helmet was yanked off my head, i saw my Wife, read cheeked in a bathing robe on the sofa, just opposite of me. i was looking at Her from below, still on my elbows and knees as i spoke
‘Sir, no Sir! i don’t think my filthy semen should be spilled in the same room used for the same purpose by Sir and Mistress, Sir.’
‘Are you comparing yourself to Us, slave. Huh?’
‘Sir, Sir, not at all. i am a worm in front of you, Sir. i cannot be spoken of during the same day, Sir’
‘What do you think would be appropriate for you here in this room then?’
‘Sir, to drink Your Cum, Sir. To drink Your Cum from where You deposited It, Sir. Nothing else is appropriate for me, besides fulfilling Your wishes, Sir’
i was happy to find such a clever and suitable answer. He clipped off the leash and threw it to ricki without saying a word. ricki ran to put it in its place.
‘Now climb to the queening stool, hubby. christa, clip his hands together behind his back.’
Now i noticed the pink dress of christa’s was removed, and left was only corset, stockings and sandals. she was so hot. She seemed to have a butt plug in her ass, but no straps - she had to keep it in place with her sphincter.
‘On the stool, christa. Remove the butt plug before you sit, but only as you are as close to his mouth as possible. hubby, mouth wide open.’
christa’s shaved androgynous ass appeared and grew and grew in size until it filled my view completely. Squatting above me she stretched tight her skin around the anus with her left hand and with her right hand she took hold of the plug and removed it with a long steady pull. Soon the black base of the plug nearly blocked my vision, then it vanished and i felt drops in my mouth. Cum! At least i got Sir’s cum from such a hot place like christa’s ass. Thinking back, i was totally degraded as male semen was pouring to my mouth from a male slave’s cunt, while i kept my mouth open just because of obedience to Sir. However it didn’t feel bad at the moment. Maybe They had made me a person who gets excited through stuff like that.
‘Look, Kate. his pouch is close to exploding. he’s erect despite he has to eat a slave’s cum from a male slave ass. And in spite of the nettles.’
What did He say? A male slave’s cum? So i was tricked again. It wasn’t His cum. Now my erection must have shrunk a bit.
‘Now I pour My Cum in christa’s mouth. See! A line of cumeaters! christa eats My Cum as hubby eats christa’s cum. Ha ha ha ha ha! cumeater eats cumeater’s cum. hubby’s got the lowliest position in the hierarchy.’
my Wife joined Sir as they both laughed at my new all time low. christa’s ass was pressing against my cheekbones now, and my tongue was busy inside her ass even though it was only her cum i was allowed to clean.
‘That’s pathetic. This is something I could have never predicted while W/we were married’, said my Wife.
Were married? What? W/we are still married! Why is She talking in past tense? In the middle of all this degrading i got disproportionately anxious because of Her phrasing. Does She think W/we are not practically married any more? Or does She plan to divorce me? i will not be allowed to ask Her. In the middle of my ponderings someone hits my pouch again. Ouuuuch! Is there an end to what i has to endure? Is there a prize in the end?
Sir: ‘Enough. christa, get up. Give him the plug to clean.’
Sir: ‘hubby, get here on your knees. Are you happy now?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir. i’m very happy, Sir’
Sir: ‘Get nearer’
He held out His hand towards my pouch as i walked on my knees towards Him. As i got near enough He took hold of the pouch. A-a-a-a-a-h. i cannot describe the pain as He started to massage the nettle leaves against my balls and penis. The pain hit me like a thunderstorm, i barely heard Him as He continued.
Sir: ‘Are you still happy?’
me (in horrible pain): ‘Yes, Sir. Yes Sir. i’m, i’m happy. Sir. Sir.’
(oops i forgot Sir from the beginning)
Sir: ‘Uhum? you like pain in you penis?’
me: ‘Sir, yes, Sir. i like the pain you are giving me, Sir’
Sir (starting slapping the pouch severely with his hand): ‘you like being made to lick christa’s ass?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, i like it very much, Sir.’
Sir: ‘you like the taste, the feel?’
me: ‘Sir, yes Sir, i like licking assholes, Sir’
Sir (with a slap on my balls): ‘you like being among male slaves, being in an all male family?’
No more slaps. i’m through, i’m through, i panted in my thoughts. His question was part of the opinion manipulating He was doing on me. As i could now concentrate better, i answered:
‘Sir, yes Sir. i would like to be the lowest slave in hierarchy in an all male household, being only made to lick male asses, and never getting to fuck anything. Sir, i would like to be a maid in such a household, Sir’
Sir: ‘A-ha, i think you have now graduated from the training. Now you are ready for the last time your wee-wee gets inside something else than a cock cage.’
me: ‘Sir, thank you Sir’
Sir: ‘you may now massage your penis with your left forefinger’
i awaited an order to remove the nettle-filled pouch that contained my family jewels, but it never came. Also no order to remove my tied hands from behind my back. So i pushed my right arm as far as it goes behind my back, drew my left hand forward, and drawing the right hand with my left i managed to get my left hand so far, that i could touch my pouch. i was still semierect. i put my forefinger carefully on top of my penis head and started drawing it up, along the shaft from the tip to the base. Nettle leaves soon woke up and i got new bites with each stroke. Anyway, i started pressing firmer and firmer, and stroking quicker and quicker and even got firmer myself, which caused yet another bites.
Sir: ‘Just be a good boy and you will get the last penetration in just a few days’
An especially painful bite at the underside of my glans caused me growing erection to retreat, and i never got fully erect, even though my Master allowed me to masturbate this way for a royal 3 minutes or so.


  1. Loved that!

    being humiliated by a master in front of your wife....


  2. Thanks for the comment! The lack of comments has made me think i should concentrate on real life, not the story.