Saturday, 18 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 18


Thinking back i understand that my prize – the last “penetration” – was going hand in hand with the fact that Sir Marc got my Wife convinced that T/they should take a gay Master in the household and give my ownership to Him. My graduation meant She had been convinced that i was a gay slave and i was not going to “be cured”. Now i was going to get my prize. Another week went. At work during days, grocery stores after work, evenings full of housework. Next weekend came. On Saturday after dinner my time had come. Sir decided it was my time to cum. Of course i didn’t know at all what was the reason as He summoned me to the play room. Masters call me sending a ‘bad dog’ signal sound to my dog training collar i have around my genitals. That means: find your Master and be quick about it. The ‘Good dog’ sound means: find your Mistress and be quick about it. i scurried there and knelt in front of Him keeping my hands crossed behind my back.
-‘i’m going to open your cb now. Remove the jockstrap and stand up!’
i stood up close to Him so He could open the lock.
-‘ricki, remove his cb and attach him to the horse so that most of his penis is available from all directions. No movement allowed.’
i stood with hands behind my back as my fellow slave handled my genitals, and my erection became rampant as soon as the cage was off. he had to push hard on the penis head get the a-ring removed. The horse is a saw horse type punishment horse. he took me to it and with his hands he helped me in the right spot on the top of the horse, which was a leather padded board, only 15 cm wide. my upside down turned penis was now resting so that only its base was on the padding, middle and tip were protruding to the rear from the end of the top board, in mid-air. Now he tied bracelets tightly around each of my ankles in the pretty pink above-knee socks, and around my wrists. Sir Marc had introduced a way of tying a person to the horse so that he/she can be strung to it extremely tightly. ricki used that method, tying my wrist bracelets to rings at the lower rear part of the horse, and tautening the string so that my hands were drawn near the place there my feet were. Then he did the same with my ankles, drawing them forward and forward until my legs had crossed my hands and my knees were touching my elbows – elbows to the horse and knees to elbows. i saw my feet that rested straight below my head on either side of the horse. my wrists were similarly straight below my butt. Then he took a wide strap and fixed it around my waist and around the top board. Now i had to lay my left cheek to the board to let ricki fix my neck to the board with another strap. Again he tightened the strap taut. There was no moving my torso, my hands nor my legs, i was all trussed up, penis awkwardly tilted back, ass readily available for any use that Masters might find for it. i still didn’t know if this was going to be a torture session or the long awaited prize – He had mentioned nothing about it. i actually thought it was going to be torture. i have been branded with Regina Ranch logo tied like this, so anything could happen.
Now Master approaches. He tightens a strap around my balls, and pulls my balls tautly back, fixing strings from them to my corset belt.
-‘Fetch christa and Mistress’
W/we are left together, Sir and me – a slave and a Master. i have totally accepted His status as my main Master. i always consider myself a hetero being forced into homosexuality – the furthest point of submission. He walks slowly around me, gets nearer.
-‘Mouth, open!’
a dildo gag is yanked into my mouth, Sir fixes it around my head. No chance of speaking any more.
i hear approaching steps, Mistress is here. i cannot see Her but i sense Her. i have no time to think about Her presence as Sir tells ricki to cover my dick with Emla cream. As i feel the cool substance on my dick head i wonder why He is making my dick numb.
Sir: ‘Now take the big black butt plug, lubricate it with tabasco - and his ass too - and push it in’
Oh why, the big black dildo hurts so much! It’s going to be a struggle to get it in, and now Mistress is here witnessing everything, what a shame. Soon my brain concentrates on my asshole as his fingers spreads burning chili drops in it and then cruel stretching starts and ricki pushes part of it inside, waits a moment, pushes it further, waits again, pushes and stretches me to my limit, waits a second, pushes again, more than i can take, and after resting makes a final shove and the bulgiest part travels past my sphincter. i’m tied and gagged so tightly all i can do to express the pain is straighten and tense my fingers and toes. The feeling changes into constant ache from tabasco, fullness from the plug against my prostate and fullness at my sphincter.
Sir: ‘Now put the blindfold on him’
It is not easy for him to get the blindfold between my head and the bench, but soon i am engulfed in darkness.
‘christa, take hubby’s dick in your mouth’
Now i understand Sir has tricked me again: i am not going to get my last penetration, but i don’t feel it as Emla cream has made my knob nearly numb. i get disappointed and excited – i was such a fool to believe anything more than this.
i sense christa getting behind me, kneeling and suddenly i feel a little pressure on my dick. But Emla has desensitized my penis, and it is as if she was holding my toe in her mouth. he doesn’t order her to give me a blowjob. she doesn’t lick or suck me, she’s not ordered to. Was it a blowjob He said i was going to get? Or just a penetration? So it is this? Is this all i get?
Suddenly the plug starts to vibrate in my ass. First weakly, then stronger and stronger until it massages my prostate and makes my bowels and whole butt vibrate. The plug is painful, but the vibration against my prostate soothes. i try to relax and get into the swing of things.
‘slave, you will ask permission to cum by clenching your fists. ricki, switch on the pink dildo, and press the root of his penis with it’
Root of my penis has still got sense, and the dildo presses hard against the base of the underside of my cock. So many emotions swirl in my head: humiliation, pain, prostate simulation, pressure of christa’s lips enclosing my penis, vibration… But it’s not enough to take me over the edge.
‘christa, take a small vibrating egg in your mouth and take the dick in your mouth again’
i barely notice the pressure vanishes, Emla is effecting fully now. But as the pressure returns with vibration, i feel kind of a little tickling in my penis and it starts taking me towards the edge. i forget the pain, the smart of tabasco…it’s nice to be the center of attention for once, all my friends here around me… Oh my God, it’s happening soon, i have to clench my fist to signal ‘begging for permission to cum’…
‘you may cum, slave’
my friends prepare for my ruined orgasm. One stops the vibration in my ass, another removes the dildo, christa her mouth and the lovely vibrating egg.
[at this point i had to stop writing as the points of intrigue gave me such great pain. That’s odd as normally i can control my erections]

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