Monday, 27 June 2011

my Wife and Sirs - Part 19


Suddenly it’s just me, strapped to the block, with a possibility to blink my eyes and breath hard but not much else, and an orgasm building inside me, left on its own devices it lingers and lingers, without stimulation, only pressure against my prostate. The feeling is overwhelming - so big need for at least a little stimulation, even a light touch on the g spot, but no possibility to get any. i have to squirm, against the bonds that are not yielding. What a way to cum! i’m sweltering as i feel as liquid starts leaking out of my urethra. i hope someone is there to catch it so that i don’t have to lick it from the floor. More and more oozes out, i got through, finally i get drained.
i just lay there, all trussed up and drift to beautiful pink and lacy dream world. i hear my Master’s voice through the drowse: ‘Let’s leave him like that, and when the Emla’s effect is over, i will strap his penis.’
An hour or two passes, i lie on the horse in the room that has gone dark. The tight bondage becomes more and more uncomfortable. The plug was left in my butt, and it starts to ache viciously.
i have time to think about my situation. Never again penetration. A sad but exciting thought. Will i become more and more a Male Master’s slave? i don’t have any influence on that.
Door opens. People enter. Lights turn on. my head is looking at the opposite direction, i cannot turn it as it is strapped so tightly. i don’t know who got in the room. Someone walks to me and without a warning a full force hit with some strap on my penis head.
me (gagged): ‘mmgh mmgh mm’
Sir: ‘Has the sense returned to your boi knob? Make your fingers in to an O if it has’
Yes it sure has. i signal.
‘mmgh mmgh’ – Another slap, now from the right side. my knob is accessible from all directions. He uses all the possibilities. my balls are still pulled up towards my ass so He can access all of the underside of the shaft, and most of the upper side, only the base of the upper side rests on the horse. i was numb during sex, Master wants to show that my knob is a mere torture target. After He has driven the point home with 20-30 blows, She addresses someone:
‘untie him. Put the cb back on before you release the hands.’
Now i notice it is the elegant christa, her demure steps and thin ankles in sheer stockings and high heeled sandals enter my view. she removes my ankle bonds and waist strap, then the ball strap, and while my wrists and neck remain fixed, she gives me a silent order
‘can you raise your butt a bit, hubby’
i try to arch my back up and her delicate, experienced fingers push my balls through the a-ring and finally lock the cock cage back on me.
As i am freed, my arms and legs are still asleep and weak. Sir doesn’t give me any orders, He tests how i know the protocol. i kneel before Him, noticing that my Wife’s with Him too. i keep kneeling silently looking at His hands. This is the standard way to report, not disturbing the Superior too much with my presence.
‘How did you like your last penetration?’
‘Sir, thank you Sir. Sir, it was great. The greatest experience of all – greatest in my life, Sir. i cannot thank you enough for it, Sir’
‘Yeah, I thought so. Like i said, Kate.’

The next day Sir and my wife started to look for a gay Master for me. i didn’t know of course. i was told nothing. i don’t know how They found Him, Sir William that is. Of course it is easy nowadays, with all net forums and kinky dating sites.
My next week was routines in the kitchen until Wednesday. After dinner christa brought the dirty dishes to kitchen and said:
‘Sir and Mistress want us to change places. Report immediately in the living room.’
i scurried there on my tiptoes, happy about the sudden change in the routines. i reported to Sir who was lying on the large sofa before the extra wide tv screen. we slaves normally never ever get to watch anything on the tv – at least not me, maybe christa gets to watch it.
‘Kneel in the corner, hubby. Push your nose as close to the point where corner meets the floor. Hands behind neck. Legs together.’
That was difficult. i pressed my nose and mouth against the floor so that the top of my head touched the corner. But hands didn’t seem to fit. Fortunately Sir was paying attention:
‘No, cross your wrists behind your back’
After that Sir and Mistress ignored me during the whole evening. After a little while They must have summoned ricki using his “bleeper”, because i heard hasty light steps (it is so easy to say from sound if the one approaching is a slave) and my Wife ordered someone to massage Her shoulders. i know that normally They have both ricki and christa massaging Them, but this time Sir didn’t want to use my services. i was a bit disappointed for that, but i understood that what was going on was a demonstration of His absolute power over me. He could interrupt me whenever, call me, and make me do something totally different for a short or a long while. Routines give security and even a sense of control to a slave, and They wanted to show there is no such security.
But i was so happy as i got a rare chance of hearing how They spend a regular evening at home, to hear what They talk to Each Other and how They talk. i saw nothing from the bottom of the corner. i didn’t know if they even glanced once at me during the evening. If They did They would have noticed how steadily i held the difficult position. It was quite hard to stay put after the first hours.
But Their voices were music to my ears. They talked like any married couple, about the current topics like politics and weather, They watched a few tv shows together, laughing and commenting the shows. And They talked like lovers: ‘Oh, Marc’ Mistress said mockingly, then She giggled. Maybe He had kissed Her cheek? Did They cuddle now?
‘ricki, remove Her knickers’
‘Sir, yes, Sir’
(sounds - he moves and must be removing my Wife’s panties now; spikes dig into my penis)
‘As christa is doing hubby’s work today, you get a rare chance to practise your tongue on Woman parts. How do you say?’
‘Sir, thank You Sir, yes, Sir.’
(sounds of heavier breathing, that’s my Wife)
‘hubby, crawl here’
Finally i can leave the corner and the position that has become so much more painful during the time, legs, hips are numb. i go on all fours and approach in jerky movements as the feeling returns slowly. They are on the sofa side by side. ricki’s head is under Mistress’s wide skirt, his naked ass framd with his jockstraps protrudes up in the air. i kneel up demurely beside him, before my Master.

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