Friday, 3 June 2011

A nettles punishment

My diary texts are piling up so i continue my story and diary side by side. Now to the real life:

i wake up before 7, Mistress wakes up before i have finished epilating. She orders me to prepare a breakfast of porridge and tea, i obey and get Her the paper. After breakfast She wants to go for a quick walk. i have a strange allergic flu so She let’s me choose if i join Her or not. After W/we return i’l have to clean up the kitchen and prepare lunch. She goes to take care of a work related issue of Hers. Her friends are coming over tomorrow, so i will have to do a chocolate cake as well. Actually two cakes, W/we eat another today. As i wait for the dough to cool down i sit by the paper. Mistress notices and looks really angry. i get scared, but too late.
“What is this, do you call this service of a slave? Get a big bunch of nettles” i put on rubber gloves and go get them.As i get back with a big bunch i ask if i got enough. Not enough, but they’ll do, She says.
“Into the bathroom”
“On your knees, pants down”
She takes the bunch in Her rubber gloved hand.
“Keep the shirt up” i startle as She beats my sides and butt with the bunch of nettles!
“Spread your legs” i spread my knees further, but as the nettles hit my balls from below (my penis is “luckily” protected by the cock cage), i jump upward raising my knees from the floor and resting my hands on it.
She leaves the nettles between my underpants and my sensitive parts and tells my to pull up my pants and button them. As the first nettles harvest of the year is pressed tight and gets massaged against my unsuspecting buttocks and balls, the agony is something indescribable and as She makes me get up, i have to start walking with my legs spread wide.
The pain is stinging at first, but then certain numbness starts to take over and it turns into an itching heat. So equipped i may continue making the chocolate cakes for Her guests. As it is readyi lay the table, and as i have summoned the kids to eat, She allows me to remove the nettles and take them to compost.
As i get back from the toilet, having removed the nettles from my pants, kids are sitting by the table, and Lina wonders a moment why i have a bunch of nettles in my hand but forgets it soon. i get cake, but the heat in my butt stays on for a long time, like the nettles were still there. In the mean time i start cleaning. Mistress has told O/our cleaner not to visit us during summer, but because O/our house is large, W/we share the workload. i get the biggest part: the ground floor and all toilets. Then i have to warm up the sauna and move watering in the garden after each 1,5 hours.

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