Monday, 6 June 2011

The pleading look

As i get from work, i go to grocery store. At home i unpack the shopping, clean up after the quests – kitchen is packed with dirty dishes. Next i eat the oldest leftovers in the fridge, and i may read the paper while i eat. Mistress joins me reading. i know they have eaten cake and ice cream, which is my favourite. i pluck up my courage and ask for ice cream. She says Lina has more appeal in her pleading look, deer eyes. i may try a few times, i rehearse a more appealing look. i get an ice cream.

At bedtime Mistress has gone to bed and switched off the lights while i am out arranging watering system to night setting. i brush my teeth. As i get to bed She points at the bed beside Her, i kneel there knees spread. She notices my balls are not well inside the thong, She starts pulling on them, getting me into a wonderful erection (cb was off already). She starts massaging my penis through the thong. i warn i may cum in it. She is cautious, i suspect this is T&D. i put my hands together behind my back. Then She massages my perineum and takes off Her hand. i remain kneeling. She asks what i am doing. i say i’m waiting for orders. i gaze into the distance. “Get a condom!”. As i put it by virtue of Her next order i think whether She’s going to make me wank in the condom. However She surprises me and orders me on my side behind Her, and takes my cock inside He pussy. i may fuck Her on my side, then doggy style. i have no trouble holding back the orgasm, as my foreskin is covering my glans inside the condom. She cums really noisily, orders me to put the condom in trash.

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