Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Practising countdown method


i wake up at 6.02, She wakes up too and hugs me. i’m naked and i get an erection. She fondles my buttocks and presses the meat inside my perineum that gets hard during erection. She says i may masturbate for 2 minutes in the bathroom. i go to the laptop and view some pics as long as i can do it without grabbing my sissy clit. Then i go to the toilet, kneel and start practising on countdown: 20,19,..1 in 20 seconds. 6*20 seconds is two minutes. Two first countdowns are misses, third is a bull’s eye, i accelerate till zero, let go of my sissy clit, 1-2 seconds go by with seemingly nothing happening, then two little effortless spurts, a little pool leaks on the floor. i lick it, notice that the floor is not very tidy though. Next try. i must run it down, slow down 5 seconds before time, and no results. Fifth goes the same way and only sixth time i know to start slowly enough, to leave room for momentum in the end – however no more leaking.

After work i must take W/women shopping and tend to the grocery shopping myself. Next i have to start preparing food. A little before 8pm pasta Palermo is ready, it gets eaten in a minute. i’m worn-out, it was a tight day at work. She’s nice, kisses me, kisses my mouth, bites my ear and pursues me until i lean against the microwave. She wants a slave that would smile more. i complain that i’m in need of a holiday (just 6 working days left to the summer holidays). Early to sleep. In bed She fondles my sissy clit again (i’m allowed to sleep on my tight sleeveless shirt only) and She squeezes my perineum a bit too hard.

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