Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ruining my chances

i wake up a minute before my alarm again. As i have an unsupervised shower i notice that i have stopped masturbating without permission. Again i would have a chance, but instead i pluck and restrain my sissy clit.

In the evening i get early from work, my family is going out orienteering. They have planned a 10 course menu for Midsummer. i get a task to prepare a Midsummer shopping list based on the menu while T/they are out. i also tend to the laundry and registration papers of the boat before indulging myself in nettle discussions on

Mistress has had to prepare chili con carne herself during the day, so She’s not happy. After T/they have returned i prepare a mushroom purée soup, and serve it. My summer holidays are starting next week but the weather forecast is lousy. i propose i could go to work some day next week if the weather continues to be bad. Mistress turns down the idea noisily while kids hear. i almost get frightened: ‘okey, okey’, i say, i give up my thought immediately.

W/we go early to bed, but Lina joins U/us and Mistress starts to tell her a story, so i patter to my laptop for a moment. i get stuck and as i hear Lina coming down the stairs i get up again. Lina says She’s missing me already. She’s angry as a wasp: ‘Where did you disappear without an order?’ ‘you are sneaking to the laptop time and time again’ ‘you separate yourself from your family’ i apologize many times. i stay kneeling by the bed, waiting to be called to bed and maybe Her approving my apologies. She doesn’t do that, but finally, after many glances at me She orders me in bed by Her. This means farewell to the prize.

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