Friday, 10 June 2011

Some links and a not-happy-Mistress

i wake up at 5.25 and after breakfast before anyone else wakes up i have time to read a very erotic story called ‘monthly milking’ with an excellent idea of ways to humiliate the maid all the way while her monthly ruined orgasm is given to her i can attest that a ruined orgasm – an ejaculation without physical contact – is indeed a frustrating experience, and it rerally isn’t an orgasm, though it feels good.
i found also another masterpiece by the same writer about a nettles punishment. A night spent tied with bags of nettles tied around your genitals and hands is surely a good remedy for bad behaviour, especially if your penis has been thoroughly whipped beforehand. This is a picture of the tawse mentioned in the story.

i get back from work fairly early. Mistress complains immediately that there’s no meal of Her liking ready for Her. i apologize heartily that my calculations about food consumption have failed and start making a liquidized cauliflower soup, a favourite of Hers, while cleaning the untidy kitchen of used dishes and other dirt. Only afterwards i warm up myself a portion of sausage stroganoff.

Mistress plays with kids, they plan a trip and later watch tv for a long time. i ask mistress if it’s a sauna day, and it is. As i have warmed it up i ask, and get permission to go in first. Going to sauna means i am allowed to go upstairs and remove cb-2000. Though i am allowed to be alone in sauna without the cb i don’t touch myself, the new regime is enforced well enough. i have time to do also water workout alone. As i do jumping jacks in the water, my sissy clit firms. Then Mistress and Lina arrive and i have to go to the toilet to get rid of the tumescence.

Lina and Mistress continue in the sauna after i am ready, and i commit using the net without cage around my sissy clit. i also eat a few candies that lay on the table without asking permission, but my defence is Mistress had said they were for me.

After sauna the O/others continue watching tv, i am sent to unpack and pack things in Mistress’s Mercedes. i find dog shit on our yard and collect that as well. As i am ready Mistress says. ‘Go put Lina in bed. Don’t get back until she’s asleep’

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