Monday, 13 June 2011

Update on chastity

Monday morning

i wake up before my alarm goes off at 6. Today Mistress and kids are join me in my car for my commuting trip to Oslo. They spend a nice summer holiday there as i am working.

CB-2000 a-ring has started to pinch behind the balls in the mornings as i put it on. There’s also some chafing of the skin. This happens most mornings, especially if i am somehow excited. i notice that the cb-2000 gathers dirt between the bars. i clean it thoroughly with a tooth pick. Now i have started to push penis in the cock cage with the foreskin covering the glans, and then drawing the skin from between the base of the points and the cage through the bars, and drawing the foreskin back through the bars.

Today the pee stream went directly towards my balls as i peed, sitting down of course. It felt embarrassing. It is also embarrassing as precum flowing from my caged sissy clit drips on my balls, so that my balls are slippery like hell in the evening. Sissy clit looks so miserable in its tiny prison. i have to wash my ball sac in a bidet.

i’m somehow turned on as i pee in the toilet of my lunch restaurant. The result is the pee stream narrows, part of the pee gets stuck in urethra and drips to my briefs as i leave the toilet. That’s a very rare problem – only once or twice a year i get so excited while peeing that the urethra contracts as sissy clit starts to grow, but can only grow inward, not outward.

After work i pick up my family. Mistress wants me to drive to Her workplace and then home. At home i prepare a meal right away, lay the table and empty the dishwasher. Later i clear the table. i will continue the yard project with the plastic edge until 9pm, then supper. By bedtime i remove the cb. Foreskin has been back all the day. During the day sissy clit has swollen a bit and stayed that way all the time – no semi erection, just a little swelling – and that has kept the foreskin stuck. The bars of cb-2000 has marked my clit with deep grooves all along the shaft. 60 abdominals, weights while reading New Scientist. Then to bed, no honours. She has maybe forgotten Her about the prize?

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