Thursday, 16 June 2011


In the morning i empty the dishwasher before leaving for work. As i get back in the evening i report to Mistress who’s in the garden, and if She has jobs for me. She seems soothed, i may eat old nettles pasta and change to homework clothes. i report again (i don’t dare use my laptop the whole evening) and get to weed the gravel paths. W/we do that until 8pm, finally i may take the weeds away to fill a hollow.

As kids have got back from their friends Mistress orders me to make a suppper of sandwiches and tea for Her. Every time i bring anything to Her i curtsey, if kids are not seeing it. That’s the normal protocol. Also saying ‘Yes’ (or Yes, Mistress if W/we are alone) after each of her direct orders to acknowledge hearing it.

In the evening i get a special permit to go to bed first. i do my workout first, obediently though She’s not there to see it, then i may remove my cb for the night. Now i would have a chance to masturbate but i fight the urge and don’t.

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