Sunday, 26 June 2011

Work for me, pleasure for Her

On Sunday morning i wake up only to the alarm at 6.35. i epilate, shave the upper part of my thighs so that thigh hairs end at a straight line. i also trim my triangle of pubes so it is only a few millimetres long. i have big problems getting the cock cage on – even tough i got an orgasm yesterday inside Her - not moving, but anyway. Maybe it helped i didn’t move.

i start preparing rice porridge along Mistress’s wishes right after i get out of the bathroom. She gets up early too, W/we hug eagerly. my sissy clit tries to gets erect again. i serve tea very politely. She also tells me to make coffee for myself. i draw a chair for Mistress as She sits, i fetch the jam that is missing from the laid table, then W/we eat.

After breakfast Mistress wants me to follow Her to O/our beach. It is a cold +15 C morning, She orders me in the sea and to swim from the end of the jetty towards shore. i am able to overcome my deep fright for cold water. As i get near the shore and stand upin the water, She orders Her slave to squat in the water, before She lets me up to dry.

Up to the house to prepare ginger tea for Mistress! i make a whole pot and She drinks it throughout the day. i am sent to weed the flowerbeds. She joins me and W/we finish by lunchtime. i warm up old dishes for lunch, eat the oldest odd-come-shorts mixing them together in a heap. i may bring more tea to Her after lunch and make coffee. While drinking coffee i may massage Her shoulders thoroughly, i succeed well according to Her. She asks if i would like to watch football the national team is playing today. i say it would be fun, b ut i would swap it anytime for an hour of bondage.

She watches garden programmes, as i remind Her of them – i have programmed them as alarms in my phone. She orders me to gather painting equipment while She watches tv. i don’t guess what She’s planning, not even when She orders me to take the paint and ladders to the beach wearing scrap clothes. There She orders me to paint the beach hut facades, watches that i get the ladders up right. As other men watch football i paint walls. It takes the whole afternoon. i get one wall ready. She comes and i say i was already waiting for Her so that i can start preparing the tortilla meal according to the menu. She orders what to do with the rest of the paint, then changing clothes and meal preparing – Mats helps with it. She starts warming up the sauna, i take it from there. W/we eat and go to sauna. i may take the cb off for sauna, as W/we are still going to sauna with the kids. Taking cb off is followed by an erection again.

In the evening i still remember to wash kitchen floor that has got some stains. i get upstairs trailing Mistress, i do 55 abdominals, lift weights, Mistress orders me to bed. Surprisingly She guides my hand to Her crotch and i may masturbate her under the blanket, fondle breasts with the other hand. She doesn’t get satisfied with that, She locks the door and asks if i can fuck her without a condom and not cum. i say yes, and She guides me right in while lying on Her side, back to me. After a short while She changes to doggy position – wild, how good it feels bareback. Soon She asks if i’m near the edge and from my evasive answer She draws the conclusion that i am. i may get the condom, put it on so that foreskin is back, and continue doggy style. i have developed the position a bit, i put my hands down in front of my knees in front of Her loins so that my elbows keep Her hips in place. It seems more pleasurable to Her this way, and She comes, i can accelerate as She does. i am not very near cumming myself. i may sleep with the condom still on, my sissy clit erect.

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