Sunday, 19 June 2011

“you may masturbate now, but no cummies”

i do grocery shopping for Midsummer feast using the list i made. At home i empty the bags - Mistress’s out orienteering. i notice i forgot the tortillas, SMS the situation to Mistress. Her answer is short “Get them”. i calculate that i should fix this mistake by biking to the cornerstore. Back at home, i start programming alarms for mistress’s favourite tv shows for the next week. Then i bake a carrot cake according to Mistress’s and Lina’s menu.

Mistress gets home, settles comfortably on the sofa, has me pamper Her, get Her a book and a blanket, and a cushion. She orders me to prepare Her supper sandwiches while kids hear it. i serve pretty sandwiches and tea. O/others watch Top models show, i clean up kitchen while eating my supper, then sneak to my laptop for the rest of the show. As the program ends, W/we head upstairs.

i open up Her side of the bed, do a workout, read a book, She reads Her book. Suddenly She orders me to fetch today’s paper. i get it, She orders me to lay it on the floor. She takes my watch, i kneel on the floor in my thong and sleeveless shirt.

“you may masturbate now, but no cummies” i don’t dare ask her if i may edge, but to be on the safe side i don’t. This is grand. She doesn’t watch me, She reads Her book, but supervised masturbation without orgasm permission is great, especially as it is months, maybe even six months since the previous time, and it has been a good while since the last time i got to masturbate in a toilet alone.

“Stop”. i stop and raise my thong. She watches the clock, i wait. “you may start stroking…now” i drop my thong and start anew. sissy clit feels meaty and thick, different. It’s a while since i have stroked it. “Stop now”. Still She stares at the watch, and “you may start stroking…now” A shorter while elapses this time, before She again stops me and orders me to raise the thong. Then She asks me, how long She let me wank each time. i think, guess 60, 30 and 15 seconds. She is surprised, the right answer is 60, 15 and 15 seconds. As a prize i may stroke for 10 more seconds, but i must estimate the time myself. i fell on 9 seconds! Then to bed.

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