Sunday, 31 July 2011


As i get home Mistress calls me and orders me to come to town to pay Her purchases. She has lost Her wallet. First i pay a bike for Mats. Then i must join Her and pay cat food and for once W/we do little grocery shopping together. Unfortunately i cannot resist swearing as i hear Her purse may be stolen. i offer to leave for Her workplace which is quite far away, to check if She left it there. However the security codes there are a problem, W/we plan to leave together. In the shop i still succumb to criticizing the price of Royal Canin catfood and try to buy too cheap bread. So finally i leave for Her workplace alone. Half way there She calls, the wallet is found. i may turn back.

At home i finally get some food. There’s a lot of arranging stuff to do, as O/our cleaner lady is coming tomorrow. Foodstuffs are also running short. The practise of me preparing a weekly menu has been forgotten during summer, i should begin it again. i examine what i could cook with the ingredients W/we have, and finally i find a very laborious curry. It takes the rest of the evening for me to prepare it. Then i run out of power, and get another headache. Mistress takes the cat out – it is now grounded. She has taken a bag of metal thrash and another cardboard recycling bag at the door – in the morning i take them to recycling without having to be asked to, and take garbage out as well.

Pic courtesy of Strapon Jane

Weak slave


i wake up a couple of times during the night, remembering i must wake up early without the alarm. Then i wake up at 6.20 and jump up immediately. i do hair removal swiftly. Just as i click the cock cage lock shut, i remember that one minute masturbation permission! Well, work before pleasure. i prepare the porridge and step outside to move the slabs. She wakes up early however, and i am not ready in time. She comes out to talk to me. She doesn’t sound angry even though i am not ready, but She is strict. i ask, and She allows me to come to eat breakfast after i get the paper. Instead of reading it i may write this diary. Then i must continue with the slabs, but i have trouble placing the slabs so that they fit, i must try it again and again. She orders me to take a break. i go inside to rest. i feel weak. i have to continue for some time, but then it is lunch time and i am sent to prepare lunch, soy salmon. In the afternoon i dig a number of slabs into the ground, but fatigue and headache get me, i ask to be allowed to do paperwork inside, as i feel that something is wrong, i have no strength to do hard work. She agrees. It turns out i cannot finish the job She meant for morning during the whole day. Fortunately because of my illness She doesn’t give the punishment She threatened me with. During the evening i warm up the sauna, prepare food for tomorrow, supper, and switch on the dishwasher as others are already in bed.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

Saturday, 30 July 2011

With Lina on the flea market

Sorry for not posting. Mistress has kept me extremely busy all time. Now back to the diary.

The cat is found! Today it goes to vet. Mistress has ordered me to go at 7am to reserve a place at a outdoors flea market. i have to hurry, drink my morning coffee in the car. i reserve the place and Mistress brings Lina to sell with me. Then She goes to take the cat to the vet. We spend the day at the flea market, selling quite OK.

During the afternoon it starts to rain, business slows down, we decide to go home. i call Mistress, the seat belt voice in the background annoys Her. i wonder,i say it cannot irritate (i think the sound is low even in the car). i find myself somehow very tired. i unpack and warm lunch for Mistress, then i say to Her i feel tired. She orders me to have a nap right away. i obey and i do sleep for some time. Then i wake up and as She notices i’m in work shape, She sends me off to mow the lawn. She continues the brickwork. There’s a lot of lawn and after mowing i tell Her i’m tired again. W/we discuss whether or not to put me in bed again, but i’m happy as She just orders me to bring ice creams, tea for Her and juice for me, all to be served outside. Then i clear up the dishes and She tells me to start preparing a new paved path.

It’s dinner time, Lina wants porridge and Mistress approves it so i make rice porridge, i have time to read todayƤs paper while i watch it cook. After eating W/we watch tv and in front of the kids Mistress orders me to make Her a sandwich and bring tea also. Later She orders me to take the plate away and bring more tea, kids still within hearing range. i do a little curtsy as i bring it, She shows with Her face She doesn’t want me to do that if kids can see.

Then upstairs, opening the bed, removing the cb. Foreskin has been back for a long time, stuck that way as sissy clit has been swollen inside the cock cage. The bars have made a couple of stripes on the glans. i change to thong and sleeveless shirt, exercise, try to look sweet. She settles on Her belly in the bed, orders me to massage Her shoulders. i rub Her kneeling over Her, one knee on either side, taking care not to touch Her with anything else than hands. She gives me a severe reprimand about how i have talked to Her in the morning and over the phone, i apologize volubly. She orders me to bring the rest of the stone slabs to Her brickwork site before She wakes up in the morning. However i may not use wake up alarm. A severe punishment will follow if i fail. Also breakfast has to be ready as She rises up. Finally i may masturbate on my knees for one minute, no climax.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Humiliating orgasm ideas


It’s back to points of intrigue in the morning. i take the garbage out and Mistress’s car (my old Mercedes) to maintenance. During the day i start to feel that points are necessary to me because they limit my porn addiction into short bits, and i get a lot of work done – a bit shorter but effective working time suits me. Home through tile store. At home there's a sad atmosphere. O/our cat has been missing for 24 hours, and it ran away after a 3 days diarrhea. W/we believe it has escaped somewhere to die. It had not eaten anything for two days. And it was such a healthy cat!

After laying the table for the present people (Lina is out playing with neighbours’ kids) and eating Mistress orders me to peel and chop this year’s crop of tree-onions which takes hours. She watches a gardening program on tv, after me informing Her of it (i still program alarms of Her favorite tv shows in my mobile). During the program my mobile alarms that ‘From the Master’s Brush’ is beginning at another channel. i go to the living room and check from tv guide what today’s episode is about so that i can present the program for Mistress. She asks immediately:
-‘Did you already get the onions peeled?’
i say that i am here only to inform her about an art program. She decides She will continue watching the gardening program instead. She sends me to warm up the sauna. As the onions are finally peeled, i have to still chop them for the freezer. At that time it is time for supper and i my go to the sauna with my usual diet coke when i have the supper laid out.

i have thought many times today about my idea from yesterday’s post – having to masturbate while holding a coin against the wall, and i decide to try it out when i’m alone in the sauna. i use a coaster to replace the coin. i try how low i can hold it with my nose. Head has to face the wall, otherwise forehead touches the wall instead of nose. The coaster slips easily while masturbating – i try it but only a very little.

i shower and later test different heights on the wall. It is also difficult to keep the coaster in place if it is placed so high i have to stand on my toes to reach it with my nose. In that case i must hug the wall, and sissy clit must point downward to enable collecting the semen without smearing the wall. i must even stretch to reach down to collect the semen with my hand. Cum collector should be placed all the time in the other hand. Added humiliation because of having to masturbate with sissy clit pointing down.

i notice it is possible to keep the coin down against the wall, when i kneel, lower my butt also, so that head can be tilted up, straight against the wall. i must press the coin/coaster quite hard to keep it in place, and in this position the problem is that nose is squeezed against the wall as it has to carry some of the body weight, so the slave must be allowed to keep his other (better?) hand against the floor or let his forehead rest against the wall as well.

Another funny version is putting a slave on his knees and the coaster as high as possible. Now ideas start pouring: these would also be excellent positions for spanking. Mistress places Her used panties at the selected height on the wall. She orders a slave to keep them against the wall with his nose. First She spanks him, and if he succeeds without letting the panties drop (or even without letting the panties move – She could make a mark on the wall), masturbation will ensue. During the masturbation a slave must be absolutely motionless. For that he carries a bell around his neck. If the bell rings, the masturbation ends. Also letting the panties slip even a little will mean the chance to cum is over. This makes it very challenging to earn a cum, because whatever the height of the panties, keeping it still with one’s nose leads to the nose being squashed, and panties slip easily is concentration is lost even momentarily.

Now Mistress would start counting down from 30 to zero and W/we all know what would happen after that. In the best case the hand is removed from slave’s sissy clit at zero, and squirts to the cup/saucer start soon thereafter.

In the evening i clean the kitchen and prepare a meal for tomorrow as the O/others are already getting to bed.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Don't worry, W/we are well

Yes, O/our family is well, though Friday's shootings did take place not so far from O/our house! i'm no so glad O/our kids don’t belong to any political organizations.

i want to keep this blog free of everything else than depictions of O/our family life, so i just comment very shortly the tragedy that moved my country two days ago. Why does an anti-islamist guy commit a terror act against fellow christians? The islamists - that he hates so much - liked his act so much that two Islamists groups even confessed committing the act! Can you be any more idiotic than doing something that makes your opponents happy and your fellows mad?

But back to O/our internal affairs, which seem so nice and lovable after shutting all this turmoil outside.


i got permission to try cock cage on during the night, as i am soon going on a business trip, and W/we are assessing whether i could be in the cb all the time. The expiriment started with me putting on the cb for the day without poi and using a larger A-ring. The day was fine, after 3pm i read pony boy story again, and i don’t have to stop it all the while because of the points. Then to home.

O/our cat is seriously ill, feelings are down. However i can talk a little about the last night’s fine incidents. i explain why i lifted my butt in the air at the time of the orgasm. She thought the whole thing looked embarrassing and not hot at all, like i had hoped. i forget to explain to Her that i don’t like fucking the floor per se, the catch is that it is the worst possible way, and because only the worst is suitable for me – humping hard, inanimate floor. Another suitable way of release could be:
-masturbating while Mistress counts down from 30 while kneeling and keeping a coin against the wall as low as possible, maybe head touching the floor (i have to find out if that is possible), one hand tied behind my back. As orgasm approaches i would need to release my masturbating hand from my sissy clit and grab a small plate and hold it under my member to receive the cum drops. She would assess my performance judging from the amount of cum on the floor and a suitable punishment would ensue.

The evening goes uneventfully – i must paint the stairs with primer and prepare tomorrow’s food. i eat the oldest leftovers. During a long bedtime workout Mistress tosses me trash to take to trash can, and also Her dirty clothes for the laundry. It has become customary that She tosses them on the floor for me to take to laundry.

During the night it turns out that between 4am and 5am the sissy clit tries to get erect so bad during my sleep that it is impossible to sleep with the cock cage, even on the wide setting. The pain occurs mainly behind the balls, as the erection tries to push the cock cage outward from my body. i have to remove it, the experiment fails.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Supervised masturbation: humping the floor

Tuesday started well. As Mistress’s work has started also, She is waking up early, today at the time when my breakfast is ready and i am ready to view net porn while eating it. i used to do this while She was at home, on the mornings i went to work. Now i ask Her for permission, and She wonders why i would like to go to net as i could spend time with Her. i answer ‘i would rather be with You if that is possible’. She gives me permission to massage Her shoulders. Maybe this is for the good, as i have had so many semi erections in my cock cage lately, that there are bruises at the base of my penis where poi have hit, and i can only read sex stories a little at a time, until erection leads to a horrendous pain in a place already sore. So today after 3pm i read only a little bit of the pony boy story at a time, and switch to work issues as the pain strikes.

Mistress informed me already yesterday that i will have to empty the boats from water and go to the gym after work. i get back home early - food, gym first. i ask Mistress whether i should shower there or home. ‘There.’ It’s kind of exciting to shower at the gym, in the common shower room, wearing a cock cage. Fortunately previously nobody has come to shower room as i have been showering there with a cb. But today as i am showering, a group of boys open the locker room door. i already approach my towel with an intention to hide behind it if necessary. Luckily they have already continued to the gym hall before i get from the shower.

At home i start preparing food for tomorrow. It’s for kids but also for Mistress, who takes some to Her workplace for lunch. i offer my lunch money for Mistress, and offer to start eating a box lunch myself, but She doesn’t want that. However, She tells me She wants horseradish salmon so that’s what i make. i also help Mats to get his pc working and i carry more slabs for Mistress’s brickwork – She has continued it after her workday.

She orders me with Her to the beach. i had programmed an alarm for emptying the boats, but it has rung while i was exercising, and She has checked it. i empty the rowing boat and check the crayfish trap – nothing. Then it’s time to switch on the tv and prepare supper sandwiches. She fries redbeet slices – takes part to prevent my workload from becoming overpowering.

By bedtime i put on the sleeveless shirt and thong, start some exercises, but not much after being at gym. i wait for Mats to retire in his room and remove the cock cage. A-ring stays on, as Mats returns. She leaves for the tent because of the heatwave and i get the rest off. i close the door and kneel before Mistress. She orders me to massage her feet, i do it greedily. Then She gestures me to kneel at the other side of the bed. She moves there, open Her legs, pushes my head down to lick Her pussy. i try my best, long licks with a lot of tongue surface touching Her clit seem to work best. She tells me to get a condom and a dildo. i get them, kneel up. i may put the condom on myself, i ask if She wants foreskin on or off. ‘On’, She says.

i may try my skills as a dildo lover for the first time. First i hurt Her, but i start to get the idea, and try different motion sequences. Then She tells me to wash it. As i get back, i may try with my sissy clit, inserting it in doggy position first, then on O/our sides from behind. She says i am not supposed to cum. She turns on quickly, especially as i am able to produce a motion, where my pelvis bangs on Her buttocks while i fuck Her. She cums! i accelerate to the hilt, succeed in not cumming myself even though i’m on the edge. i continue to fuck Her until She tells me to stop. i pull out quickly, as i am just on the verge of cumming right then.

‘Did you cum?’, She asks.
‘No, i didn’t’
A surprise is to follow:
‘You may hump the floor and cum’.
She had made note of my fantasy! She had found it suitable for Her (little trouble for Her, and She doesn’t like watching me masturbate). She had kept me completely in the dark about fulfilling my fantasy, later She told me that She had even let me use the dildo to make Her cum quicker when fucked, so that i would not have time to cum.
‘I’m not going to tie you up’
‘May i begin?’
i note i have a condom in place, settle on my belly on the floor by my side of the bed, grab my ankles, spread my knees and start first fumbling humps. She goes to the toilet. i keep humping, it feels good, the slide is good, a slippery condom is very useful now. i try top recall my fantasies about humping the floor, as cumming by humping the floor requires much concentration even though so excited as me. i try to put my thighs together, then spread my legs again, as i hear Her coming back. She asks
‘Are you about to cum? If you aren’t getting on, you must stop’
‘yes Mistress, i’m soon at the edge’
As i say it i actually make a lot of progress, the threat of being made to stop short excites me tremendously. She begins to watch me, She's lying on the edge of the bed. i look at Her and hump the floor. i wonder if the action, my butt going up and down, is looking good, maybe even exciting Her. i think about the fantasy again. OMG, i’m cumming! i continue humping until i start cumming, then raise my butt up in the air emitting a sound that can maybe best be described as perplexed.
A squirt after squirt exits my shaft. my sissy clit does not touch anything, it twitches in the air. i cannot raise my ass enough to keep the tip from making contact with the floor. The tip of the condom is filling up, and probably my glans recognizes the fullness and counts it as contact because i feel so good by the time of the fourth squirt. The feeling is incredible. It was maybe a little more than a ruined orgasm, also the condom itself might provide some feelings of contact that the sissy clit wishes for during orgasm. i improve the arrangement in my mind: a plastic film on the floor, humping it without a condom, and an orgasm completely “in the air” would be a better way to limit the orgasm to a ruined one, thus avoiding sub drop better. Then it would be easy to lick up the cum from the plastic sheet... i wonder if Mistress would allow me to propose these improvement ideas to Her?
‘Take the condom to the kitchen trash’
No time for thank you’s – just to sleep. i ask permission to kiss Her while by Her side, i get the back of Her hand to kiss.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Back to routine


i read a pony boy story during my last hour at work again. Then to two grocery stores, worth one hour. At home i unpack the bags and eat the oldest leftovers: carrot soup and two sandwiches, topped with remains from last week’s tortilla meal. i nearly have time to read the paper while i eat.

Mistress has been doing more brickwork. i spend the whole evening setting up Mistress’s work laptop, i install email and others. i can also do some web browsing with Her permission. Then i must get the products of O/our garden and use them to prepare supper sandwiches. Kids appear from somewhere to have a bite too. W/we go early to sleep: exercise and a little reading of Her book aloud, then She orders silence.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sunday on a short leash

Mistress keeps me on a short leash the whole day. There are tasks for the whole day, and She lets me run more errands for Her – getting Her tea, water, juice…

After breakfast She orders me to get a hammer and nails and report to Her in work clothes outside. i may perform as Her assistant in a brickwork project. First W/we prepare a canopy shelter. She has to give me very hands-on guidance. The nails i’ve got are of a wrong size, i get wrong kind of scissors, i will have to get another pair… i will dig a hole in the ground and under her guidance the shelter is up quickly.

She is better than me in most practical work, even in so called men’s work, but i excel in cooking.

She gives me a break and pour tea into my mouth from Her cup. i may sweep the concrete, blow dry it, then go back inside to hang the laundry, plan the lunch (Her order: ‘Do it so that it takes the least time’), clear the breakfast table. Back outside, preparing the slabs, finding and sawing additional slabs, improving the shelter. She asks me how much time i have if She wants the lunch ready at 1-1.30 pm, i say 20-50 minutes. i may help Her as long as possible, bring Her a radio, get rugs, dry the stairs, and clean the slabs. Then to prepare lunch, lay the table. i ask Her to come to eat (like i do each time), but She makes me wash some slabs instead.

Mistress is strict and authoritarian and orders me to put on shoes: no walking on outside stairs without shoes. We eat, i may prepare tea for Her and coffee for me. Next She walks upstairs, i must follow. She orders me to find Her blue woollen socks from Her sock box and put them on Her. i have learned to put socks on Her so that they feel nice. i must help Her find a certain bedcover to the bed in Her new study (She has two now), and W/we arrange the shelf in Her study. Then W/we carry the table from Her old study to the new. She makes me organize the cupboard in the new study, and pack the stuff that goes to recycling in Her car with some other stuff from the basement. It’s very seldom that She asks my comments about what to throw away, and i never interfere.

As i pack some paintings in a cupboard along Her instructions She walks downstairs, and when i’m ready i follow to ask for new assignments. We continue with slab work. Then i will make sandwiches to boys (Mats has friends visiting) and i may eat some leftovers myself. Warming up sauna, during which i prepare a meal for tomorrow’s lunch, chicken and rice. Full water workout follows. i ask if i take diet coke to sauna instead of my weekly sauna beer as i got an extra beer yesterday at the reunion. A bit surprisingly i get a beer.

i have been in such a tight control that the newspapers that i used to read fully in the morning, remain mostly unread after the weekend, and even i had to miss my club meeting which would have been on Sunday, as Mistress preferred me to stay as Her helper boy. i have been running errands the whole weekend, after finishing one i must find Her to report and get a new one. i must do that always smiling, happy, not to forget good posture. Only after sauna i collapse on the sofa, but no long rest follows, as Mistress orders me to make supper sandwiches for Her, get fresh salad from the garden, and get Her tea, and later juice.

i ask Her if i may read a football game report from the net (as i would have earlier used two hours to watch it live). She grants permission. However i stray to Destiny and her pet –blog, and get surprised there by Mistress. That earns me a big reprimand while i kneel by my bed. She accuses me of lying and i am very, very sorry. i lose the chance to masturbate as a punishment.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Is slavery in genes?

Thursday, first day at work. It’s not easy to get back to the swing of things. As i get back home i report to Mistress. i may eat and follow Her to the beach, where She takes a dip. i may once again hang Her wet swimsuit on the line after She has tossed it on the deck for me to pick it up. She orders me to move a big stone and then don working gloves and assist with Her slab work. W/we talk about my bondage fantasy at night.

Friday. Not full force on yet at work, at 4pm i read a pony boy story i have downloaded in my laptop. Mistress and Mats are today at a rock festival. i have instructions to grab something to eat as i get home and then pick Lina up from Her sleepover visit at 6pm. She has ordered me to iron Her shirt after that. The shirt has six rows of ornaments that are difficult to iron. Even later i have to make black currant jelly from black currants She has picked. Mistress and boys get back early, it has been raining.

Saturday is the family reunion day. Of course i will wear the cock cage all day, and as W/we drive back it starts to pinch my sissy clit skin so bad Mistress has to replace me as driver. Other days it has not caused me any trouble. At the reunion i hear a nice story about my parents. As they visited this relative of theirs, my mother started to talk with the hosts, while my father took care of all the luggage, bringing it in and unpacking it at the guest room. As they were leaving, he was also in charge, taking care of everything while my mom just relaxed and enjoyed the visit. Were my parents in a D/s, was my father a slave? So is this slavery thing really in genes?

Friday, 15 July 2011

100 000 visitors - and an orgasm!

Thanks, all you readers. After a slow start my page view figures have been on the rise, and 100 000 page views mark was passed on Thursday. Without further ado i continue to latter part of the evening of my last holiday.

After sauna Mistress massages my balls roughly through my pants and hints that She is going to use me sexually. Before that i will still have to tend to a few things, watering etc., but as Mats is brushing his teeth near O/our bedroom, She orders me to get stockings for Her. She puts them on and orders me to undress. As Mats has disappeared to his room, She orders me to upstairs lobby, where i am told quietly to kneel and suck Her breasts.

W/we return to bedroom and again i am ordered to kneel. She comes near and stands on top of me, a naked pussy above me, a sight that i respect. i may kiss Her buttocks. She orders a condom on me and to lie down on the bed on my back. She impales Herself on my erection and fucks me for a moment before signalling me to start moving. Soon W/we change to doggy position: i stroke the lovely white skin and stockings and fuck Her, trying to maximize Her pleasure and minimize mine. i am however too excited because of my earlier activities in the bathroom, and i must take a break not to cum too early. Finally W/we have a simultaneous orgasm and i squirt on and on, three times the tip of the condom. She orders me to take the condom to trash and get her a glass of water.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

my favourite supervised masturbation scene

The last holiday, under Mistress’s command like the rest. First preparing porridge and the rest of the breakfast, then doing the accounts of O/our company before She wakes up. Serving breakfast for Her, watering garden, repairing Mats’s pc, painting stairs, getting a load of sand for paths, visiting grocery store and tax office, preparing lunch (two dishes: carrot soup for Mistress and chili con carne for others), tea and coffee, preparing invitations for my daddy’s birthday party, printing them out, finding out addresses, carrying sand in barrow, returning the trailer, preparing tortilla meal for dinner, picking up raspberries, warming up sauna, splitting concrete slabs for Her to lay. And it's already evening.

i have not had much net time during the day nor during the whole week actually as there is also work in the mornings before breakfast, and i have had to content myself with my imagination. The more and more time has elapsed from the latest lovemaking in the beach hut, which ended with no orgasm for me, the more my mind has worked with sex ideas. As i am let without supervision and cb after sauna and pool workout, i cannot resist temptation, and start realizing a scene that has been occupying my mind (the idea courtesy of

i settle on the floor on my belly, bend my knees and grab my ankles with my hands and start humping the tiled floor. i try it thighs together and legs spread. i notice that i can look ahead with chin pushed forward, or i can kiss the floor, which i think is more suitable. i notice that in desperate state cumming could be possible, as sissy clit is squeezed most pleasurably between the floor and my own abdomen, taken that there is enough precum lubrication. In earlier years i have indeed humped the floor into conclusion.

i rise up and edge myself by masturbating, thinking about being in a tight corset and stockings, and maybe long gloves and a scarf as a blindfold. Mistress would tie my ankles behind my back and i would “have to” lie on toilet floor. She would tie my left wrist to my left ankle and vice versa, in a hogtie, knees bent, and arms framing my butt. Then She would start counting down from 30, and then i would be allowed to start humping the floor, with a goal of orgasm at zero. If i would edge too early, i would have to arch my back and lift my ass so that sissy clit would have no contact to the floor (but pointing to the floor). That would be the end of game. If i would succeed in cumming at zero, which would be possible only in a desperate state of horniness, i would anyway have to arch my back during the orgasm so that not even the glans would be touching the floor (or anything else) during the orgasm, ruining it. If i would have the ruined orgasm, my sissy clit would squirt the cum directly on the floor (maybe on sheer plastic laid on the floor below me). After orgasm i would not be allowed to move, i would have to stay ass up as long as She chooses. It is a strenuous position particularly fagged out by an orgasm. Finally She would untie me and order me to lick my cum from the floor.

Maybe a few 30 second humping sessions would be allowed with a break in between. It may be impossible to cum this way otherwise no matter ho horny the slave is.

This is my favorite daydream: my release has been made similar to a trick taught to a well-trained dog. i get orgasm shaved, wearing corset, only just freed from chastity cage, blindfolded, tied completely helpless in a hogtie, masturbating without hands, humping the ground, the lowliest thing, starting and stopping by Mistress’s command, more often denied than allowed to cum, and if allowed, i must deprive myself of full satisfaction, and get only a halved pleasure in a completely unmanly and unnatural position on my belly on the floor, sticking my ass up, knowing that i will have to consume the results by Her command. In this scene my fundamental wish is fulfilled: to turn totally upside down the values traditionally connected to men, and instead of being a man become a transition between a slave and a dog. Variations include Mistress changing the countdown by accelerating it or stopping it short. i may be wearing a remote control butt plug which is made to vibrate as i am allowed to cum (also as a signal to cum), so that it is the only stimulation actually going on at the moment of my orgasm. Clamps, pins may be added etc.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Lina's 'come here' -signal

On Saturday W/we enjoy the sun and the next day W/we traveled for the last holidays till Her mom’s. i am in cb all the time, as W/we have the apartment all for O/ourselves. i also took tweezers and epilator and prepared breakfast porridge there too.

We got back home on the last but one holiday. According to Her instructions i unpack part of the bags, prepare food, take care of garden watering. She is working hard Herself, takes care of laundry (only calling me to do all the ironing). Now She unpacks partly and when W/we have more demanding jobs, like laying concrete slabs, She does that.

Lina invents a funny thing, which She tries to sell me as a new rule: when She loudly smacks Her tongue twice i must come (for issuing of orders). i give a short laugh and say that she can save this signal to her boyfriend. BTW, did i mention Lina would like to train dogs.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre / Maniac Pass Network

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hot day, uncomfortable night

i have started to use the longest points of intrigue on my cb-2000 combined with the largest a-ring, as the smaller a-ring caused chafing behind balls. i also draw the foreskin slightly back before putting sissy clit into the cock cage and let foreskin slide fully back then i slide it in. i wash the cock cage just before putting sissy clit in, and water is only lubricant i need. i changed into this as i did not always have time to draw foreskin back when peeing, and the result for a hygienic (smell) problem.

It’s Friday and the heat continues, but i have to lend a trailer, take trash to the dump, get and empty a load of concrete slabs, visit the grocery store and still get a trailerload of gravel to empty.

On the afternoon i was allowed to chill out with Mistress on the beach. Of course i will have to scurry every once in a while to house to get drinks, ice cream or whatever She wants.

In the evening i got a severe scolding for recalcitrance and i had to sleep on the floor by Her bed on a pillow and a blanket, with no mattress. i got a big pain in the prostate, and on the floor i tried if masturbation would cure it and heck, it did. In the morning i confessed to Mistress, She let it go this time with no further punishment.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Holiday guests' visit

On Thursday W/we get visitors. i have already the day before collected ingredients from the garden and prepared a chocolate cake. In the morning i prepare porridge and a nicely laid mozzarella salad before She wakes up. After W/we have eaten She tells me to go for another morning swim with Her – i have been ordered in cold water frequently, maybe because sensitivity to cold is my weak point. Once Lina was also there to make fun of my slowly manner of sinking to the water. Today, as i get slave naked to put on swimming trunks, Mistress starts poking my balls. The prodding is hard and painful. Only by rising on tiptoes i get Her to ease off a bit. ‘Let’s go swimming’.

After swimming i prepare the rest of the dishes: grilled salmon, Indian shrimp dish, potatoes etc. After the guests have eaten it is me who puts the dirty dishes into dishwasher, and as soon as possible i am already bringing gas tank to the boat to take the guests on a boat trip.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Routine and highlights

Mistress informs W/we are going out for a ride, but doesn’t tell me where until W/we have already travelled far. We are going to a Medieval Market. Just the two of U/us, like newlyweds.

The holiday goes on, and the daily routine is formed: i prepare porridge before She wakes up. After breakfast garden work / cleaning / doing grocery shopping, She decides what. i prepare lunch, more chores, preparing dinner… W/we make love about once a week, sometimes even a bit more frequently, and always She must be the one to make initiative. i orgasm about every other time, but only if i get it simultaneously with Mistress. Otherwise i must control myself.

Next week She decides W/we will make a two-day trip to Trondheim. i must make a list of hotels for Her to choose from. She chooses all place W/we visit and when, i drive and plan routes.

One day i’m a bad slave again, i even answer back. As punishment i will have to get a needle for Mistress, and settle on my knees by the bed, facing the bed, lower my upper body on the bed, put hands behind my neck. Now She sits on my back and starts sticking the needle in my buttocks, time and time again. Finally She rises and orders me up, notices i have a raging erection. She starts pricking my sissy clit with the needle. She does it quite lightly, but i must close my eyes, i cannot even watch. Lastly She sets the needle under my erection so that any subsidence would mean a prick!

Monday, 4 July 2011

3-part nettles punishment

Friday morning i obey Mistress's order from last evening and clean the bathroom after epilating. In the mean time the slate stones arrive on O/our yard. i get the paper, even have some net time as Mistress didn’t want any porridge today.

After eating She orders me out, i wonder why S/she doesn’t order me to put on work gloves. It turns out W/we are going walking. Later i will have to take a water tank to the beach, and while there She tells me to go swimming as well. W/we are in the dressing room as She says that, and i must ask Her to repeat. She ridicules me, to make it even more fun. After spending some time on the beach She tells me to start working on the stony paths, and then prepare lunch. i have to go to work for the afternoon.

On Saturday i get irritated for some reason, i nearly shout. i try to get off with making two dishes: nettles pasta and sausage stroganoff, but no. As a punishment i have to get a big bunch of nettles from the garden. i say to kids they are for nettles dishes. She orders me to put part of the nettles in my underpants in the toilet. As i draw up my pants they press against my freshly epilated, smooth crotch. After a couple of hours Mistress orders me to change new fresh ones in my undies. After the change they burn me with renewed venomous power. After i have cleaned and warmed up sauna wearing my nettle-filled briefs i may remove the nettles for pool workout, sauna and showering. i am already sooo red down there, alhough sissy clit has remained inside cb-2000 which has covered it quite a bit. i have red welts all around my ass like it had been fiercely spanked. In the sauna i was afraid kids might spot my red ass, but i try to hide it and succeed. As i do jumping jacks naked (and without cb of course: kids go to sauna with us) in the pool i start getting turned on by my sissy clit flopping about and against my thighs in the water. i have been denied so long, getting no masturbation, that i start to get pleasure from things i would have never thought sexual in my earlier life. For some moments i even think i might be able to get off, but probably not. After sauna She orders me to put in another load of nettles. Maybe i have got accustomed to nettles already, as i manage however to pull the nettles-filled briefs up against my sensitive parts once again. They stay on until bedtime. She is serious: no drama is allowed for a slave. i must admit, the punishment is severe, and has deep impact on me.

During next night i get my first nocturnal emission during the 24/7 slavery. Probably the durable heat from the overdose of nettles against my erogenous areas trigger this surprise to empty my loads. It feels awkward and not nice, i am in deep sleep and only feel something that should not be happening is happening. Rest of the night sleep i have to sleep in a wet thong. How suitable release for a slave!

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

Holidays and D/s

During O/our holiday Mistress starts to dominate my time even more. She orders me to make larger portions of food at a time to allow more time for other projects, painting, preparing and paving paths and preparing stairs.

On Sunday, after waking up to make breakfast and fetch the paper, She decides W/we go to the gym. After that i prepare tuna pasta for lunch, and then it is path making, until W/we get surprise guests and i prepare tea and sandwiches for them and serve them to the deck without having to be prompted.

In the evening i fall asleep on the couch, but in the bed Mistress tells me to massage her shoulders and then buttocks, to close the door, fuck Her from behind without a condom – i get close to cumming. She orders me to lock the door and put on a condom. Then W/we continue from behind until She cums, i don’t.

On Monday W/we launch the boat in the sea.

Wednesday: amusement park with kids

Thursday: First She orders me to grind the concrete stairs for one hour, now i get it finished. Then i will have to lease a trailer, purchase a load of sand for the paths and empty the load with Mats. She takes care of the more demanding work: laying the pavement tiles. i may stop only to prepare lunch. After coffee i am ready to return the trailer, go to grocery store, hardware store and dump. At home there’s already quite a bit of finished path made by Mistress as i get back. i will have to carry more tiles to Her, then bring ice cream and refreshments to the beach. i moment of rest, reading ‘The remains of the day’. Next She orders me to return to the house to prepare the sauna and enchilados. They are already nearly ready as the O/others return. Mats helps a little with the food.

This was a regular holiday for me. Every day She gives me also wonderful kisses on the mouth. In the bed She informs me that the mornings before She wakes up are too unproductive, and orders me to clean the upstairs bathroom before She wakes up next morning.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Visits to relatives

After morning routines i get a special assignment: iron Mistress’s skirt. W/we are going to visit Mistress’s sister and her son. Lina tells them that i ask Mam what i will have to do, but if she tells me to do something, i don’t obey, i only obey Mam. Her sister lists all homework her husband does: nearly everything – they are one of those vanilla D/s couple, my brother in law obeys my Wife’s sis in everything, but i assume no sexuality is involved. My Wife thinks it’s quite common that mean wives rule their husbands, but if someone told them they are dominants they would be shocked as they are very puritan sexually.

We sleep over at their place and my job is to go to Ikea, buy a bookshelf for my mom who has got a new place in an elderly people’s home, and put the bookshelf together. She also directs my dealings with my mom, takes care i visit her. The whole day is gone after i have got the bookshelf ready.

My mother-in-law joins U/us on O/our way home and stays with U/us until next Wednesday. i get a flu, and during her visit D/s is in stealth mode. However, i put effort into mornings, and wake up early each morning to epilate, read a little net, and prepare porridge, tea and coffee so that breakfast is served at 7.30. Her mom wakes up quite early too, and she assumes the job of getting the paper and reading it.

i do what i am ordered to, go to the gym on Sunday, and also shower in my cock cage at the gym (i am the only one in the shower room, it’s not crowded by summer) i row the Ladies around the bay, W/we even use the rowing boat to go to a nearby museum, walk the rest of the trip. It starts to rain and i will have to row back in the rain.