Friday, 15 July 2011

100 000 visitors - and an orgasm!

Thanks, all you readers. After a slow start my page view figures have been on the rise, and 100 000 page views mark was passed on Thursday. Without further ado i continue to latter part of the evening of my last holiday.

After sauna Mistress massages my balls roughly through my pants and hints that She is going to use me sexually. Before that i will still have to tend to a few things, watering etc., but as Mats is brushing his teeth near O/our bedroom, She orders me to get stockings for Her. She puts them on and orders me to undress. As Mats has disappeared to his room, She orders me to upstairs lobby, where i am told quietly to kneel and suck Her breasts.

W/we return to bedroom and again i am ordered to kneel. She comes near and stands on top of me, a naked pussy above me, a sight that i respect. i may kiss Her buttocks. She orders a condom on me and to lie down on the bed on my back. She impales Herself on my erection and fucks me for a moment before signalling me to start moving. Soon W/we change to doggy position: i stroke the lovely white skin and stockings and fuck Her, trying to maximize Her pleasure and minimize mine. i am however too excited because of my earlier activities in the bathroom, and i must take a break not to cum too early. Finally W/we have a simultaneous orgasm and i squirt on and on, three times the tip of the condom. She orders me to take the condom to trash and get her a glass of water.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

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