Monday, 4 July 2011

3-part nettles punishment

Friday morning i obey Mistress's order from last evening and clean the bathroom after epilating. In the mean time the slate stones arrive on O/our yard. i get the paper, even have some net time as Mistress didn’t want any porridge today.

After eating She orders me out, i wonder why S/she doesn’t order me to put on work gloves. It turns out W/we are going walking. Later i will have to take a water tank to the beach, and while there She tells me to go swimming as well. W/we are in the dressing room as She says that, and i must ask Her to repeat. She ridicules me, to make it even more fun. After spending some time on the beach She tells me to start working on the stony paths, and then prepare lunch. i have to go to work for the afternoon.

On Saturday i get irritated for some reason, i nearly shout. i try to get off with making two dishes: nettles pasta and sausage stroganoff, but no. As a punishment i have to get a big bunch of nettles from the garden. i say to kids they are for nettles dishes. She orders me to put part of the nettles in my underpants in the toilet. As i draw up my pants they press against my freshly epilated, smooth crotch. After a couple of hours Mistress orders me to change new fresh ones in my undies. After the change they burn me with renewed venomous power. After i have cleaned and warmed up sauna wearing my nettle-filled briefs i may remove the nettles for pool workout, sauna and showering. i am already sooo red down there, alhough sissy clit has remained inside cb-2000 which has covered it quite a bit. i have red welts all around my ass like it had been fiercely spanked. In the sauna i was afraid kids might spot my red ass, but i try to hide it and succeed. As i do jumping jacks naked (and without cb of course: kids go to sauna with us) in the pool i start getting turned on by my sissy clit flopping about and against my thighs in the water. i have been denied so long, getting no masturbation, that i start to get pleasure from things i would have never thought sexual in my earlier life. For some moments i even think i might be able to get off, but probably not. After sauna She orders me to put in another load of nettles. Maybe i have got accustomed to nettles already, as i manage however to pull the nettles-filled briefs up against my sensitive parts once again. They stay on until bedtime. She is serious: no drama is allowed for a slave. i must admit, the punishment is severe, and has deep impact on me.

During next night i get my first nocturnal emission during the 24/7 slavery. Probably the durable heat from the overdose of nettles against my erogenous areas trigger this surprise to empty my loads. It feels awkward and not nice, i am in deep sleep and only feel something that should not be happening is happening. Rest of the night sleep i have to sleep in a wet thong. How suitable release for a slave!

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

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