Sunday, 24 July 2011

Don't worry, W/we are well

Yes, O/our family is well, though Friday's shootings did take place not so far from O/our house! i'm no so glad O/our kids don’t belong to any political organizations.

i want to keep this blog free of everything else than depictions of O/our family life, so i just comment very shortly the tragedy that moved my country two days ago. Why does an anti-islamist guy commit a terror act against fellow christians? The islamists - that he hates so much - liked his act so much that two Islamists groups even confessed committing the act! Can you be any more idiotic than doing something that makes your opponents happy and your fellows mad?

But back to O/our internal affairs, which seem so nice and lovable after shutting all this turmoil outside.


i got permission to try cock cage on during the night, as i am soon going on a business trip, and W/we are assessing whether i could be in the cb all the time. The expiriment started with me putting on the cb for the day without poi and using a larger A-ring. The day was fine, after 3pm i read pony boy story again, and i don’t have to stop it all the while because of the points. Then to home.

O/our cat is seriously ill, feelings are down. However i can talk a little about the last night’s fine incidents. i explain why i lifted my butt in the air at the time of the orgasm. She thought the whole thing looked embarrassing and not hot at all, like i had hoped. i forget to explain to Her that i don’t like fucking the floor per se, the catch is that it is the worst possible way, and because only the worst is suitable for me – humping hard, inanimate floor. Another suitable way of release could be:
-masturbating while Mistress counts down from 30 while kneeling and keeping a coin against the wall as low as possible, maybe head touching the floor (i have to find out if that is possible), one hand tied behind my back. As orgasm approaches i would need to release my masturbating hand from my sissy clit and grab a small plate and hold it under my member to receive the cum drops. She would assess my performance judging from the amount of cum on the floor and a suitable punishment would ensue.

The evening goes uneventfully – i must paint the stairs with primer and prepare tomorrow’s food. i eat the oldest leftovers. During a long bedtime workout Mistress tosses me trash to take to trash can, and also Her dirty clothes for the laundry. It has become customary that She tosses them on the floor for me to take to laundry.

During the night it turns out that between 4am and 5am the sissy clit tries to get erect so bad during my sleep that it is impossible to sleep with the cock cage, even on the wide setting. The pain occurs mainly behind the balls, as the erection tries to push the cock cage outward from my body. i have to remove it, the experiment fails.

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