Friday, 8 July 2011

Holiday guests' visit

On Thursday W/we get visitors. i have already the day before collected ingredients from the garden and prepared a chocolate cake. In the morning i prepare porridge and a nicely laid mozzarella salad before She wakes up. After W/we have eaten She tells me to go for another morning swim with Her – i have been ordered in cold water frequently, maybe because sensitivity to cold is my weak point. Once Lina was also there to make fun of my slowly manner of sinking to the water. Today, as i get slave naked to put on swimming trunks, Mistress starts poking my balls. The prodding is hard and painful. Only by rising on tiptoes i get Her to ease off a bit. ‘Let’s go swimming’.

After swimming i prepare the rest of the dishes: grilled salmon, Indian shrimp dish, potatoes etc. After the guests have eaten it is me who puts the dirty dishes into dishwasher, and as soon as possible i am already bringing gas tank to the boat to take the guests on a boat trip.

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