Monday, 4 July 2011

Holidays and D/s

During O/our holiday Mistress starts to dominate my time even more. She orders me to make larger portions of food at a time to allow more time for other projects, painting, preparing and paving paths and preparing stairs.

On Sunday, after waking up to make breakfast and fetch the paper, She decides W/we go to the gym. After that i prepare tuna pasta for lunch, and then it is path making, until W/we get surprise guests and i prepare tea and sandwiches for them and serve them to the deck without having to be prompted.

In the evening i fall asleep on the couch, but in the bed Mistress tells me to massage her shoulders and then buttocks, to close the door, fuck Her from behind without a condom – i get close to cumming. She orders me to lock the door and put on a condom. Then W/we continue from behind until She cums, i don’t.

On Monday W/we launch the boat in the sea.

Wednesday: amusement park with kids

Thursday: First She orders me to grind the concrete stairs for one hour, now i get it finished. Then i will have to lease a trailer, purchase a load of sand for the paths and empty the load with Mats. She takes care of the more demanding work: laying the pavement tiles. i may stop only to prepare lunch. After coffee i am ready to return the trailer, go to grocery store, hardware store and dump. At home there’s already quite a bit of finished path made by Mistress as i get back. i will have to carry more tiles to Her, then bring ice cream and refreshments to the beach. i moment of rest, reading ‘The remains of the day’. Next She orders me to return to the house to prepare the sauna and enchilados. They are already nearly ready as the O/others return. Mats helps a little with the food.

This was a regular holiday for me. Every day She gives me also wonderful kisses on the mouth. In the bed She informs me that the mornings before She wakes up are too unproductive, and orders me to clean the upstairs bathroom before She wakes up next morning.


  1. She really is forcing her dominance over you. Does it make you a happy slave? :)

  2. Yeah, i must say i am happiest on those days She really forces Her dominance over me. Though i my so tired in the evenings i just fall asleep involuntarily.