Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hot day, uncomfortable night

i have started to use the longest points of intrigue on my cb-2000 combined with the largest a-ring, as the smaller a-ring caused chafing behind balls. i also draw the foreskin slightly back before putting sissy clit into the cock cage and let foreskin slide fully back then i slide it in. i wash the cock cage just before putting sissy clit in, and water is only lubricant i need. i changed into this as i did not always have time to draw foreskin back when peeing, and the result for a hygienic (smell) problem.

It’s Friday and the heat continues, but i have to lend a trailer, take trash to the dump, get and empty a load of concrete slabs, visit the grocery store and still get a trailerload of gravel to empty.

On the afternoon i was allowed to chill out with Mistress on the beach. Of course i will have to scurry every once in a while to house to get drinks, ice cream or whatever She wants.

In the evening i got a severe scolding for recalcitrance and i had to sleep on the floor by Her bed on a pillow and a blanket, with no mattress. i got a big pain in the prostate, and on the floor i tried if masturbation would cure it and heck, it did. In the morning i confessed to Mistress, She let it go this time with no further punishment.

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