Monday, 25 July 2011

Humiliating orgasm ideas


It’s back to points of intrigue in the morning. i take the garbage out and Mistress’s car (my old Mercedes) to maintenance. During the day i start to feel that points are necessary to me because they limit my porn addiction into short bits, and i get a lot of work done – a bit shorter but effective working time suits me. Home through tile store. At home there's a sad atmosphere. O/our cat has been missing for 24 hours, and it ran away after a 3 days diarrhea. W/we believe it has escaped somewhere to die. It had not eaten anything for two days. And it was such a healthy cat!

After laying the table for the present people (Lina is out playing with neighbours’ kids) and eating Mistress orders me to peel and chop this year’s crop of tree-onions which takes hours. She watches a gardening program on tv, after me informing Her of it (i still program alarms of Her favorite tv shows in my mobile). During the program my mobile alarms that ‘From the Master’s Brush’ is beginning at another channel. i go to the living room and check from tv guide what today’s episode is about so that i can present the program for Mistress. She asks immediately:
-‘Did you already get the onions peeled?’
i say that i am here only to inform her about an art program. She decides She will continue watching the gardening program instead. She sends me to warm up the sauna. As the onions are finally peeled, i have to still chop them for the freezer. At that time it is time for supper and i my go to the sauna with my usual diet coke when i have the supper laid out.

i have thought many times today about my idea from yesterday’s post – having to masturbate while holding a coin against the wall, and i decide to try it out when i’m alone in the sauna. i use a coaster to replace the coin. i try how low i can hold it with my nose. Head has to face the wall, otherwise forehead touches the wall instead of nose. The coaster slips easily while masturbating – i try it but only a very little.

i shower and later test different heights on the wall. It is also difficult to keep the coaster in place if it is placed so high i have to stand on my toes to reach it with my nose. In that case i must hug the wall, and sissy clit must point downward to enable collecting the semen without smearing the wall. i must even stretch to reach down to collect the semen with my hand. Cum collector should be placed all the time in the other hand. Added humiliation because of having to masturbate with sissy clit pointing down.

i notice it is possible to keep the coin down against the wall, when i kneel, lower my butt also, so that head can be tilted up, straight against the wall. i must press the coin/coaster quite hard to keep it in place, and in this position the problem is that nose is squeezed against the wall as it has to carry some of the body weight, so the slave must be allowed to keep his other (better?) hand against the floor or let his forehead rest against the wall as well.

Another funny version is putting a slave on his knees and the coaster as high as possible. Now ideas start pouring: these would also be excellent positions for spanking. Mistress places Her used panties at the selected height on the wall. She orders a slave to keep them against the wall with his nose. First She spanks him, and if he succeeds without letting the panties drop (or even without letting the panties move – She could make a mark on the wall), masturbation will ensue. During the masturbation a slave must be absolutely motionless. For that he carries a bell around his neck. If the bell rings, the masturbation ends. Also letting the panties slip even a little will mean the chance to cum is over. This makes it very challenging to earn a cum, because whatever the height of the panties, keeping it still with one’s nose leads to the nose being squashed, and panties slip easily is concentration is lost even momentarily.

Now Mistress would start counting down from 30 to zero and W/we all know what would happen after that. In the best case the hand is removed from slave’s sissy clit at zero, and squirts to the cup/saucer start soon thereafter.

In the evening i clean the kitchen and prepare a meal for tomorrow as the O/others are already getting to bed.


  1. Is that a Sardax pic with the two Lady's and the sissy's nose against the wall? Do you know where I could find a larger version of that picture?

    Keep up the great blog!

  2. Thanks milsnekc. Yes. it is a Sardax pic. Sorry for posting a too smll version, i had a larger one myself and now you find it in place of the small pic.