Monday, 18 July 2011

Is slavery in genes?

Thursday, first day at work. It’s not easy to get back to the swing of things. As i get back home i report to Mistress. i may eat and follow Her to the beach, where She takes a dip. i may once again hang Her wet swimsuit on the line after She has tossed it on the deck for me to pick it up. She orders me to move a big stone and then don working gloves and assist with Her slab work. W/we talk about my bondage fantasy at night.

Friday. Not full force on yet at work, at 4pm i read a pony boy story i have downloaded in my laptop. Mistress and Mats are today at a rock festival. i have instructions to grab something to eat as i get home and then pick Lina up from Her sleepover visit at 6pm. She has ordered me to iron Her shirt after that. The shirt has six rows of ornaments that are difficult to iron. Even later i have to make black currant jelly from black currants She has picked. Mistress and boys get back early, it has been raining.

Saturday is the family reunion day. Of course i will wear the cock cage all day, and as W/we drive back it starts to pinch my sissy clit skin so bad Mistress has to replace me as driver. Other days it has not caused me any trouble. At the reunion i hear a nice story about my parents. As they visited this relative of theirs, my mother started to talk with the hosts, while my father took care of all the luggage, bringing it in and unpacking it at the guest room. As they were leaving, he was also in charge, taking care of everything while my mom just relaxed and enjoyed the visit. Were my parents in a D/s, was my father a slave? So is this slavery thing really in genes?

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  1. My son also always is pleasing his girlfriend, just like I am trying to please my Wife. I suppose it is genetic. Or was it my good example? :)