Monday, 11 July 2011

Lina's 'come here' -signal

On Saturday W/we enjoy the sun and the next day W/we traveled for the last holidays till Her mom’s. i am in cb all the time, as W/we have the apartment all for O/ourselves. i also took tweezers and epilator and prepared breakfast porridge there too.

We got back home on the last but one holiday. According to Her instructions i unpack part of the bags, prepare food, take care of garden watering. She is working hard Herself, takes care of laundry (only calling me to do all the ironing). Now She unpacks partly and when W/we have more demanding jobs, like laying concrete slabs, She does that.

Lina invents a funny thing, which She tries to sell me as a new rule: when She loudly smacks Her tongue twice i must come (for issuing of orders). i give a short laugh and say that she can save this signal to her boyfriend. BTW, did i mention Lina would like to train dogs.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre / Maniac Pass Network

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  1. Lina obviously is getting aware of your status. Be careful.