Sunday, 31 July 2011


As i get home Mistress calls me and orders me to come to town to pay Her purchases. She has lost Her wallet. First i pay a bike for Mats. Then i must join Her and pay cat food and for once W/we do little grocery shopping together. Unfortunately i cannot resist swearing as i hear Her purse may be stolen. i offer to leave for Her workplace which is quite far away, to check if She left it there. However the security codes there are a problem, W/we plan to leave together. In the shop i still succumb to criticizing the price of Royal Canin catfood and try to buy too cheap bread. So finally i leave for Her workplace alone. Half way there She calls, the wallet is found. i may turn back.

At home i finally get some food. There’s a lot of arranging stuff to do, as O/our cleaner lady is coming tomorrow. Foodstuffs are also running short. The practise of me preparing a weekly menu has been forgotten during summer, i should begin it again. i examine what i could cook with the ingredients W/we have, and finally i find a very laborious curry. It takes the rest of the evening for me to prepare it. Then i run out of power, and get another headache. Mistress takes the cat out – it is now grounded. She has taken a bag of metal thrash and another cardboard recycling bag at the door – in the morning i take them to recycling without having to be asked to, and take garbage out as well.

Pic courtesy of Strapon Jane

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  1. Congrats on finding the wallet.