Tuesday, 12 July 2011

my favourite supervised masturbation scene

The last holiday, under Mistress’s command like the rest. First preparing porridge and the rest of the breakfast, then doing the accounts of O/our company before She wakes up. Serving breakfast for Her, watering garden, repairing Mats’s pc, painting stairs, getting a load of sand for paths, visiting grocery store and tax office, preparing lunch (two dishes: carrot soup for Mistress and chili con carne for others), tea and coffee, preparing invitations for my daddy’s birthday party, printing them out, finding out addresses, carrying sand in barrow, returning the trailer, preparing tortilla meal for dinner, picking up raspberries, warming up sauna, splitting concrete slabs for Her to lay. And it's already evening.

i have not had much net time during the day nor during the whole week actually as there is also work in the mornings before breakfast, and i have had to content myself with my imagination. The more and more time has elapsed from the latest lovemaking in the beach hut, which ended with no orgasm for me, the more my mind has worked with sex ideas. As i am let without supervision and cb after sauna and pool workout, i cannot resist temptation, and start realizing a scene that has been occupying my mind (the idea courtesy of thedoghouse.org).

i settle on the floor on my belly, bend my knees and grab my ankles with my hands and start humping the tiled floor. i try it thighs together and legs spread. i notice that i can look ahead with chin pushed forward, or i can kiss the floor, which i think is more suitable. i notice that in desperate state cumming could be possible, as sissy clit is squeezed most pleasurably between the floor and my own abdomen, taken that there is enough precum lubrication. In earlier years i have indeed humped the floor into conclusion.

i rise up and edge myself by masturbating, thinking about being in a tight corset and stockings, and maybe long gloves and a scarf as a blindfold. Mistress would tie my ankles behind my back and i would “have to” lie on toilet floor. She would tie my left wrist to my left ankle and vice versa, in a hogtie, knees bent, and arms framing my butt. Then She would start counting down from 30, and then i would be allowed to start humping the floor, with a goal of orgasm at zero. If i would edge too early, i would have to arch my back and lift my ass so that sissy clit would have no contact to the floor (but pointing to the floor). That would be the end of game. If i would succeed in cumming at zero, which would be possible only in a desperate state of horniness, i would anyway have to arch my back during the orgasm so that not even the glans would be touching the floor (or anything else) during the orgasm, ruining it. If i would have the ruined orgasm, my sissy clit would squirt the cum directly on the floor (maybe on sheer plastic laid on the floor below me). After orgasm i would not be allowed to move, i would have to stay ass up as long as She chooses. It is a strenuous position particularly fagged out by an orgasm. Finally She would untie me and order me to lick my cum from the floor.

Maybe a few 30 second humping sessions would be allowed with a break in between. It may be impossible to cum this way otherwise no matter ho horny the slave is.

This is my favorite daydream: my release has been made similar to a trick taught to a well-trained dog. i get orgasm shaved, wearing corset, only just freed from chastity cage, blindfolded, tied completely helpless in a hogtie, masturbating without hands, humping the ground, the lowliest thing, starting and stopping by Mistress’s command, more often denied than allowed to cum, and if allowed, i must deprive myself of full satisfaction, and get only a halved pleasure in a completely unmanly and unnatural position on my belly on the floor, sticking my ass up, knowing that i will have to consume the results by Her command. In this scene my fundamental wish is fulfilled: to turn totally upside down the values traditionally connected to men, and instead of being a man become a transition between a slave and a dog. Variations include Mistress changing the countdown by accelerating it or stopping it short. i may be wearing a remote control butt plug which is made to vibrate as i am allowed to cum (also as a signal to cum), so that it is the only stimulation actually going on at the moment of my orgasm. Clamps, pins may be added etc.

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