Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Routine and highlights

Mistress informs W/we are going out for a ride, but doesn’t tell me where until W/we have already travelled far. We are going to a Medieval Market. Just the two of U/us, like newlyweds.

The holiday goes on, and the daily routine is formed: i prepare porridge before She wakes up. After breakfast garden work / cleaning / doing grocery shopping, She decides what. i prepare lunch, more chores, preparing dinner… W/we make love about once a week, sometimes even a bit more frequently, and always She must be the one to make initiative. i orgasm about every other time, but only if i get it simultaneously with Mistress. Otherwise i must control myself.

Next week She decides W/we will make a two-day trip to Trondheim. i must make a list of hotels for Her to choose from. She chooses all place W/we visit and when, i drive and plan routes.

One day i’m a bad slave again, i even answer back. As punishment i will have to get a needle for Mistress, and settle on my knees by the bed, facing the bed, lower my upper body on the bed, put hands behind my neck. Now She sits on my back and starts sticking the needle in my buttocks, time and time again. Finally She rises and orders me up, notices i have a raging erection. She starts pricking my sissy clit with the needle. She does it quite lightly, but i must close my eyes, i cannot even watch. Lastly She sets the needle under my erection so that any subsidence would mean a prick!

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