Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sunday on a short leash

Mistress keeps me on a short leash the whole day. There are tasks for the whole day, and She lets me run more errands for Her – getting Her tea, water, juice…

After breakfast She orders me to get a hammer and nails and report to Her in work clothes outside. i may perform as Her assistant in a brickwork project. First W/we prepare a canopy shelter. She has to give me very hands-on guidance. The nails i’ve got are of a wrong size, i get wrong kind of scissors, i will have to get another pair… i will dig a hole in the ground and under her guidance the shelter is up quickly.

She is better than me in most practical work, even in so called men’s work, but i excel in cooking.

She gives me a break and pour tea into my mouth from Her cup. i may sweep the concrete, blow dry it, then go back inside to hang the laundry, plan the lunch (Her order: ‘Do it so that it takes the least time’), clear the breakfast table. Back outside, preparing the slabs, finding and sawing additional slabs, improving the shelter. She asks me how much time i have if She wants the lunch ready at 1-1.30 pm, i say 20-50 minutes. i may help Her as long as possible, bring Her a radio, get rugs, dry the stairs, and clean the slabs. Then to prepare lunch, lay the table. i ask Her to come to eat (like i do each time), but She makes me wash some slabs instead.

Mistress is strict and authoritarian and orders me to put on shoes: no walking on outside stairs without shoes. We eat, i may prepare tea for Her and coffee for me. Next She walks upstairs, i must follow. She orders me to find Her blue woollen socks from Her sock box and put them on Her. i have learned to put socks on Her so that they feel nice. i must help Her find a certain bedcover to the bed in Her new study (She has two now), and W/we arrange the shelf in Her study. Then W/we carry the table from Her old study to the new. She makes me organize the cupboard in the new study, and pack the stuff that goes to recycling in Her car with some other stuff from the basement. It’s very seldom that She asks my comments about what to throw away, and i never interfere.

As i pack some paintings in a cupboard along Her instructions She walks downstairs, and when i’m ready i follow to ask for new assignments. We continue with slab work. Then i will make sandwiches to boys (Mats has friends visiting) and i may eat some leftovers myself. Warming up sauna, during which i prepare a meal for tomorrow’s lunch, chicken and rice. Full water workout follows. i ask if i take diet coke to sauna instead of my weekly sauna beer as i got an extra beer yesterday at the reunion. A bit surprisingly i get a beer.

i have been in such a tight control that the newspapers that i used to read fully in the morning, remain mostly unread after the weekend, and even i had to miss my club meeting which would have been on Sunday, as Mistress preferred me to stay as Her helper boy. i have been running errands the whole weekend, after finishing one i must find Her to report and get a new one. i must do that always smiling, happy, not to forget good posture. Only after sauna i collapse on the sofa, but no long rest follows, as Mistress orders me to make supper sandwiches for Her, get fresh salad from the garden, and get Her tea, and later juice.

i ask Her if i may read a football game report from the net (as i would have earlier used two hours to watch it live). She grants permission. However i stray to Destiny and her pet –blog, and get surprised there by Mistress. That earns me a big reprimand while i kneel by my bed. She accuses me of lying and i am very, very sorry. i lose the chance to masturbate as a punishment.

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