Sunday, 3 July 2011

Visits to relatives

After morning routines i get a special assignment: iron Mistress’s skirt. W/we are going to visit Mistress’s sister and her son. Lina tells them that i ask Mam what i will have to do, but if she tells me to do something, i don’t obey, i only obey Mam. Her sister lists all homework her husband does: nearly everything – they are one of those vanilla D/s couple, my brother in law obeys my Wife’s sis in everything, but i assume no sexuality is involved. My Wife thinks it’s quite common that mean wives rule their husbands, but if someone told them they are dominants they would be shocked as they are very puritan sexually.

We sleep over at their place and my job is to go to Ikea, buy a bookshelf for my mom who has got a new place in an elderly people’s home, and put the bookshelf together. She also directs my dealings with my mom, takes care i visit her. The whole day is gone after i have got the bookshelf ready.

My mother-in-law joins U/us on O/our way home and stays with U/us until next Wednesday. i get a flu, and during her visit D/s is in stealth mode. However, i put effort into mornings, and wake up early each morning to epilate, read a little net, and prepare porridge, tea and coffee so that breakfast is served at 7.30. Her mom wakes up quite early too, and she assumes the job of getting the paper and reading it.

i do what i am ordered to, go to the gym on Sunday, and also shower in my cock cage at the gym (i am the only one in the shower room, it’s not crowded by summer) i row the Ladies around the bay, W/we even use the rowing boat to go to a nearby museum, walk the rest of the trip. It starts to rain and i will have to row back in the rain.

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