Sunday, 31 July 2011

Weak slave


i wake up a couple of times during the night, remembering i must wake up early without the alarm. Then i wake up at 6.20 and jump up immediately. i do hair removal swiftly. Just as i click the cock cage lock shut, i remember that one minute masturbation permission! Well, work before pleasure. i prepare the porridge and step outside to move the slabs. She wakes up early however, and i am not ready in time. She comes out to talk to me. She doesn’t sound angry even though i am not ready, but She is strict. i ask, and She allows me to come to eat breakfast after i get the paper. Instead of reading it i may write this diary. Then i must continue with the slabs, but i have trouble placing the slabs so that they fit, i must try it again and again. She orders me to take a break. i go inside to rest. i feel weak. i have to continue for some time, but then it is lunch time and i am sent to prepare lunch, soy salmon. In the afternoon i dig a number of slabs into the ground, but fatigue and headache get me, i ask to be allowed to do paperwork inside, as i feel that something is wrong, i have no strength to do hard work. She agrees. It turns out i cannot finish the job She meant for morning during the whole day. Fortunately because of my illness She doesn’t give the punishment She threatened me with. During the evening i warm up the sauna, prepare food for tomorrow, supper, and switch on the dishwasher as others are already in bed.

pic courtesy of Amanda Wildefyre

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