Saturday, 30 July 2011

With Lina on the flea market

Sorry for not posting. Mistress has kept me extremely busy all time. Now back to the diary.

The cat is found! Today it goes to vet. Mistress has ordered me to go at 7am to reserve a place at a outdoors flea market. i have to hurry, drink my morning coffee in the car. i reserve the place and Mistress brings Lina to sell with me. Then She goes to take the cat to the vet. We spend the day at the flea market, selling quite OK.

During the afternoon it starts to rain, business slows down, we decide to go home. i call Mistress, the seat belt voice in the background annoys Her. i wonder,i say it cannot irritate (i think the sound is low even in the car). i find myself somehow very tired. i unpack and warm lunch for Mistress, then i say to Her i feel tired. She orders me to have a nap right away. i obey and i do sleep for some time. Then i wake up and as She notices i’m in work shape, She sends me off to mow the lawn. She continues the brickwork. There’s a lot of lawn and after mowing i tell Her i’m tired again. W/we discuss whether or not to put me in bed again, but i’m happy as She just orders me to bring ice creams, tea for Her and juice for me, all to be served outside. Then i clear up the dishes and She tells me to start preparing a new paved path.

It’s dinner time, Lina wants porridge and Mistress approves it so i make rice porridge, i have time to read todayƤs paper while i watch it cook. After eating W/we watch tv and in front of the kids Mistress orders me to make Her a sandwich and bring tea also. Later She orders me to take the plate away and bring more tea, kids still within hearing range. i do a little curtsy as i bring it, She shows with Her face She doesn’t want me to do that if kids can see.

Then upstairs, opening the bed, removing the cb. Foreskin has been back for a long time, stuck that way as sissy clit has been swollen inside the cock cage. The bars have made a couple of stripes on the glans. i change to thong and sleeveless shirt, exercise, try to look sweet. She settles on Her belly in the bed, orders me to massage Her shoulders. i rub Her kneeling over Her, one knee on either side, taking care not to touch Her with anything else than hands. She gives me a severe reprimand about how i have talked to Her in the morning and over the phone, i apologize volubly. She orders me to bring the rest of the stone slabs to Her brickwork site before She wakes up in the morning. However i may not use wake up alarm. A severe punishment will follow if i fail. Also breakfast has to be ready as She rises up. Finally i may masturbate on my knees for one minute, no climax.

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