Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An alternative for nettles?

W/we go shopping in the morning, i purchase the groceries while Girls visit clothes stores. As i return from comparing the prices of cat food They already have Their hands full of bags. i still have to buy Lina a MP3 player and W/we visit a coffee shop while waiting for Lina’s sleepover friend to arrive at the bus station.

Back at home, She orders me to prepare lunch. Then W/we take Mats with the boat for his sleepover and to play tennis. As W/we get back, Mistress orders me in the beach hut. ‘Drop your pants’ She has taken a dry, thorny stem of comfrey and rubs my buttocks with it and (ouch!) my balls, not protected my cock cage. ‘The level of your service is not as high as it should be!’ She makes me keep the stem in my briefs, and sends me to pick apples from the lawn. She fixes the lawnmower (i am all the time more surprised and fascinated by Her growing skills with machines and tools. Then She tells me to mow the lawn.

For dinner i make shrimp pasta, which is good and quickly eaten. Mistress says the stem in my shorts is not having the effect She wanted, and She slaps my face for the first time! She’s becoming more and more dominant, it seems!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kids away, toy chest opens

W/we have been looking forward to Friday, kids hobby day, as W/we have time together. The day at work has been tiring, but as i return from taking the kids to the swimming hall, i have a ready hard-on. She orders me to get a small glass of white wine for Herself, and soon She leads me upstairs where She tells me to draw the blinds and get undressed. Next i “must” open the toy chest, take black stay-up stockings and put them on Mistress. First one have a run, next pair. For me She chooses just one accessory: the posture collar, with O-rings all around.

i may lick Her pussy now on my knees, She sits on the edge of the bed. i am still wearing the cock cage. But now She wants the riding crop, because i have been behaving badly. ‘Kneel facing the wall’ i receive smarting blows on my buttocks. ‘Turn around, stay on your knees’ my balls are hanging free below the cock cage and now She targets them. Even light blows hurt like hell. Then i may get the condom and patter according to orders to the bed and on my back to be fucked. First She bounces a little on my chest with Her bare bottom and then smothers me with Her pussy and gives me an order to lick. Now She settles on my condomed sissy clit and i may fuck Her from below, then on my side from behind. Next She orders me to the doggy position, and in a mirror i see my funny reflection: just a posture collar and the Reserved-sign hanging over its top. Soon She cums, and i too. i stop moving in the middle of my orgasm. The feeling gets over the top. Then cleaning up, dressing up, to pick up the kids.

Pic courtesy of Strap-on Jane

Sunday, 28 August 2011

A mouth punishment

i wake up before 6am, and have to leave for work at 7.30, so i have 30 minutes net time – Mistress160. In the evening i install my Mistress’s laptop. In the bed i rub tiger balm again to Her shoulder, until my hand hurts. Then W/we kiss, feels wonderful, and to sleep in denial. Is She teaching me to cum when W/we fuck?

Spanish lessons, arriving home late. i have to prepare soy salmon for tomorrow. i’m already going to bed as She reminds me to put all the apple juice to freezer. After that She chews on my earlobe, and stretches it with Her teeth, tells me not to cry, pushes Her tongue in my ear and bites me nipple so that i cannot help but cry out. my package downstairs is ignored.

i get home early, Mistress is on a training course, and arrives late this time. i do a lot of paving work with Lina and then my accounts. She arrives. Bedtime workout, then biting earlobe again, kissing and sucking my ears. The result: a wet dream.

Mistress calls me and orders me to drive to Oslo from work, and purchase certain sports equipment for Mats, and food. i have to continue working at home, which makes Her angry. She has to order me to clean the kitchen, as i have neglected to do it automatically as i should, and even when ordered i do a poor job. As a punishment She orders me to kneel in the kitchen, look at ceiling, open my mouth and She squeezes water from the washcloth into my mouth. In addition She squeezes my head, She’s really angry! She asks if i need the electric training collar.

In the bed She orders me to fondle Her back and and squeeze Her buttocks, but that doesn’t lead to anything. Then She settles on me with Her full weight, and presses my cheek against the bed with hand hands, full force, that’s all for today.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

slave's Sunday is work, work, and a new blog

Wake up at 6. i have time to epilate the insides of my thighs a litle bit lower, because balls still touched thigh hair. i also get back to Destiny & chance’s blog and find Mistress 160’s wonderful adobe. She has documented tens of scenes of Femdom play – needle play, electroplay, you name it. my favourite of Her scenes is as follows: male is tied head down on his back on a slanting narrow surface. his balls get whipped and ballsac clamped, frenum gets clamped, clamps are pulled, then a vibrating dildo shoved up his anus and he is masturbated to orgasm, but both dildo and hand removed just before orgasm: a ruined.

An excerpt from Mistress160's adobe depicting the same scene:
Afterwards I lubed his ass and cock and balls, and masturbated him while introducing a vibrator into his asshole. More appropriate noises. I removed the vibrator and my hand just before he came.

Here are also a couple of nice photos from her site:
hanging balls1
Here's 'sol', the object:

Pic copyright by Mistress160

Then i prepare porridge, it nearly cools before others wake up after 9. i have also picked up the paper, taken garbage out, prepared tea, laid the table including honey and syrup which i am not allowed to use myself with porridge.

As She arrives, i draw a chair for Her and portion out the porridge for Her as She is still a bit dizzy. i brew the tea, then i prepare my own coffee and join Her.

After breakfast She orders me to pack a bag for a walk in the forests, to pick up mushrooms, find out a suitable forest and prepare a thermos full of tea. So the morning is spent in the woods, as per her wishes, and W/we gather a good load of mushrooms.

After getting back i will have to prepare lunch at once. Afternoon is spent bottling the fresh apple juice which i fetch from the juicemaker. A break as long as an apple, and then i’ll have to start preparing a multi course dinner: lamb steaks with potatoes, a wild champignon sauce, chanterelle-potato casserole for Mistress.

Late evening i spend preparing accounts for my family business, and setting up Mistress’s new laptop. In bed i may rub tiger balm in Her aching right shoulder. Any other rubbing: denied.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A supervised break


i wake up early, prepare a menu for next week (i learned that much from yesterday evenings ordeal) , epilate, browse a little net, prepare porridge. After breakfast Mistress orders me to put on boots, coat and gloves, W/we are going to apple yard to gather apples for juice making. W/we see O/our neighbour, after her talking to Mistress She offers that i take both O/our and their apples to the juicemaker. Soon i leave for with the apples. i also have to do O/our grocery shopping during the same trip.

i have to hurry back to be able to prepare lunch in time. After lunch it is back to the garden: it is harvesting time, She tells me to lift onions this time.

W/we get quite a surprise today. W/we have noted Mats has been communicating using Messenger and SMS with a girl. Now he cycles away and returns after some time with a 12 or 13 year old girl, pretty as a doll. Mistress tells me to prepare tea for the kid couple. They walk in the garden maybe 10 rounds and Mats shows her around O/our house. Mistress sends me out to continue my paving work.

Later i will prepare a fajitas dinner, after which i get a supervised rest: 5 minutes on my knees in front of Mistress who sits on the sofa. The reason for this arrangement is that i have a tendency to fall asleep whenever i get to sit on the sofa, and She doesn’t want that. After that i have to warm up sauna, but i may use it only shortly, as i will have to hurry to pick up Lina from Her friend’s place.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Whipping me, licking Her

i call home as i’m driving from work. She orders me to go to Ikea to buy lamps, plastic canisters and groceries. i will also have to buy new set of tyres for Mistress’s Mercedes, i make phone calls and ask prices. At home i may eat first, then i have to chop apples. As i am ready She’s on the phone, which creates me a chance to read the paper.

i take kids to swimming hall and hurry back. At home Mistress orders me to draw the blinds, get undressed in the laundry room and put on the Spanish pinafora. She stresses it must stay clean as She lets me open the cb. Wearing only the pinafora She makes me clean the kitchen. She takes metal salad servers and squeezes my buttocks and balls from behind with them as i work.

Then upstairs – She supervises me to put clean laundry in closets, then makes me undress Her as She sits on a chair. She tells me to prepare bath water for Her, and i must help Her to bath: wash Her legs, pussy and back, then dry Her up.

Next She orders me to take a plastic mini skirt from O/our toy chest, and get high heels from the shoe closet downstairs, risking been seen through the out door. Mistress is incedibly sexy in white high heels, black stockings and black PVC skirt, bare breasted. She tells me to put leather bracelets in my wrists and ankles. She draws U/us before the mirror, shows how ridiculous i look beside Her in my pinafore. ‘Cb off and wash your crotch’ As i get back from the toilet with clean genitals She orders me to remove the pinafore. She notices stains in it, gets mad! i tell her it is probably only water, but it’s too late. ‘you moron, i said you must keep it clean! Cannot you do one thing right!?! GET THE RIDING DROP!’ i get the crop, it is on top of the closet as it does not fit in the toy chest. Kids cannot reach the top of the closet. ‘On all fours! Lock your ankle bracelets together! Wrists too!’ She starts full force blows on my bare buttocks. ‘you have not even prepared the menu, have you? your service is really getting inferior and that must change! you even called from the grocery store to ask ME what W/we need. it’s YOUR job to make sure nothing runs out! Never let the service get THAT BAD again!’ SMACK SMACK SMACK the blows landed as She criticized my work, and i must admit She was so right. i apologize as much as i can and promise to do thing better in the future.

Now She orders my head to the floor, hands to knees. Blows hurt, especially one that landed on the right buttock and i moan in pain. She steps on Her heel on my toes and then starts to whip the soles of my feet. i curl my toes, but She orders me to keep my soles straight and available for the whip.
‘What do you enjoy in life, slave?’ She asks suddenly.
‘Being owned by you, Mistress’ i answer promptly. She likes my answer.
‘I want my slave to seem glad and content when you serve me.’
She finishes the ordeal with blows to my nipples from below, and trailing my cleft with the tip of the crop. ‘Put the whip in place’ She shouts outright angrily. That is not so easy as my wrists are tied together and ankles likewise. i have to climb on a chair, which is difficult. It's easier to get down, by jumping.
‘Free your wrists. Put on the condom!’
‘Foreskin back or forth, Mistress’
As i am ready She continues to bark orders to me.
‘Get on the bed on your back. Free your ankles’
Now She straddles my chest and slides on top of my face. i may lick Her pussy, which still tastes a little bit bloody (Her period is about over). She stands up, orders me on my knees, sits on the bed and i may fuck Her on my knees. She wants my striped butt in action. Then back to She-on-top position, and it is then that W/we notice that there’s still quite a lot of blood flow. However She continues, keeps me inside, throws one leg over me so W/we get into on-O/our-sides-from-behind position. i start too fast, She orders a more peaceful tempo. i try to fondle Her breasts but She takes my hand away. She wants me to keep my hand on Her hips. For some reason i can fuck quite a long time without getting near the point-of-no-return. Finally, as She moans and trembles in a way i know She’s close to cumming, i can accelerate into sewing machine tempo, which i stop only as Her orgasm is over, and She gropes harshly my side as She usually does at that time. i assume that if i don’t get an orgasm now, She will give me a further session – for instance being allowed to fuck between the sole of Her foot and the floor. But that is not the case: She orders me to clean up the rubbish and toys, and put on the pinafore again. She asks for ideas how to keep it clean with me off the cb. i suggest thong and She allows it. i may take the condom package and laundry basket downstairs. She leaves me in need. She settles on the sofa, ‘Bring me a cup of tea’, ‘What’s on tv’ (meaning i must find out what is on that might interest HER). And it is time to get the kids back from the swimming hall.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Control restored

Spanish lessons, home late. No time for anything.

The same thing. i get home 8.30pm. In bed Mistress makes me lie on my belly, bites me earlobe, pushes Her tongue in my ear and squeezes my buttocks. Then to sleep.

Mistress joins me for my ride to work, She’s going to Oslo today. We have time to chat in the car. Kids have notices my epilator, and that i use it for long times in the morning. They have also notices that part of my body and pubic hair has been removed. Mistress has explained it to kids, told them how it is - that i want to shave part of my body hair. No artificial explanations.

She tells me that work and stress have taken Her libido away. i tell Her that i have been horny. A difficult equation.

During Her way home She calls and tells me to wait in the town center until her bus arrives, do grocery shopping and buy Her some stuff. Then i wait for Her in the car. She arrives at 6 o’clock.

Finally W/we are both home in the evening, and She restores the D/s immediately. ‘Prepare me some tea’ ‘Go and get me juice from the freezer in the shed’ ‘Prepare sandwicches for supper – and a meal for tomorrow’ ‘Fold the laundry’ etc. i will not slouch and read today’s paper. i try to, but She interrupts me right away and orders me to clear the table and clean the kitchen.

In the bed i may suck Her breasts and take Her used sanitary napkin to a bag which i will get from ground floor, but finally She decides She will postpone having sex till tomorrow as She's got Her period.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Body learning


i wake up at 5.45, so i have 20 minutes to read ’Fashion’-story. First however i go to toilet to pluck my thighs. Again i use a strings to check that the line is straight and goes round the thigh. It is good, just a little bit more to be plucked today from the outside of the thigh. Then again on the floor on my shoulders, i examine my butt with magnifying mirror. It looks really cool and hairless, but there are hairs in the cleft and some around the asshole. i pluck them away with tweezers while keeping the position, head down ass up. Then i put on the cb and go to my laptop. i start getting used to being in the cb again all the time. Although i get excited and slime oozes from my sissy clit, i don’t get so hard that points would stick and make small holes in the base of my sissy clit. Could it be called body learning? It’s one of the greatest points in being in a cock cage – how my body adapts to the inevitable presence of the unyielding cage and inward spikes.

During the day i read batches of Fashion. i pee in the morning at 6am, next time i pee at 4pm, and after that next morning. Because of the possibility of smell problems i try to pee at long intervals. i drink as little coffee as possible, because it is a strong diuretic and causes need to pee.

i visit a grocery store while on a business trip to Fredrikstad. i get home before Her, i use the extra time to read the story another 20 minutes. Lina is cleaning up kitchen, for her own pleasure! We lay the table nicely for Mistress, she doesn’t want Her to see the table before it’s ready. i am not allowed to warm up sauna, instead She tells me to continue paving and preapre an Indian soup for tomorrrow, i have to get onions and mint from the garden. In the bed i tell Mistress about my fantasy of humping between the floor and Her boot. She doesn’t comment.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Smoothly epilated thigh tops look sexy

For Saturday morning Mistress dictates that i start collecting apples when She still sleeps, from O/our apple yard at 8am, before eating porridge for breakfast that i must prepare before that. i wake up at 6.30, epilate my thighs a bit lower, especially backside and buttocks. As the tops of my thighs, basically up from the (imagined) stocking tops, are smooth and feminine looking, i find the situation extremely sexy, and i stroke a few times my sissy clit (i know, strongly forbidden, but i locked the cock cage on right after that). With cb on i read ‘Fashion’ another time and it captivates me again. Then i start with the porridge to keep up with my programmed schedule.

There are lot of apples, i don’t have time to pick them all before Mistress wakes up, and i must continue after breakfast, until W/we leave for my mom’s. W/we must move Her to another elderly people’s home. She needs a place where they have more nurses.

Sunday morning i wake up again at 6.30 (using alarm) and i epilate a good while. i tie a string around my thigh to get the hair/epilation line straight (and a bit lower). Now i’m kind of wearing stockings of hair… If i am allowed real stockings some day, i’m totally hairless from the stocking tops up! i admire my new looks from the mirror, and a little stroking ends up with little droplets of cum. i’m so horny. The wet dream did not help. i lick the droplets from the floor. i take another view of my crotch: i lie on the floor, raise my legs above my head and to the floor behind my head, so that only my shoulders are on the floor. It seems so hairless round my balls! i stroke just a little bit more, then put on cock cage to put me back to the state of chastity.

i prepare breakfast porridge and coffee. Today my father turns 80 years old. Without Mistress’s smart ideas his birthday party would not have worked out. After the party i visit the hotel toilet where W/we held the party, and i get a bad fit of erection while trying to pee. i can relax myself a bit, but i am worried that part of the pee remains in the urethra and leak into my briefs later, so i try to dry myself up by pushing in a wetted piece of toilet paper through the biggest hole in cb-2000. i touch my g-spot with it and voilá, a little squirt of pee flies to the sink. It also feels good. i can repeat the action and create another squirt, and i keep touching my g-spot (frenulum). i start thinking if i could cum this way – probably not, because of the points that would dig into my sissy clit. i wash up the sink before i leave, of course.

W/we return home, and power shifts totally to Mistress again. i unpack, go to grocery store, W/we harvest potatoes as it is already dark (!), i prepare veggie-potato-milk soup, no net today. In the bed i may only hold Her hand, nothing more. my sissy clit ioshard, i cannot sleep right away.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Committing unsupervised masturbation

i epilate the tops of my thighs. Now i can move the epilator round my upper thigh.

i get hooked up in “Fashion” story again and read a bit at work. This chastity is making me so excited again. W/we bought smoked salmon for dinner, so i don’t need to prepare a new dish. Mistress orders me to warm up sauna and do paving work. In sauna i have to do the long water workout. She watches me by the pool. i mention i may get excited, and soon She sees my erect sissy clit bouncing up and down in the water (the cock cage is removed for sauna). Doing water workout is some weeks all rubbing my sissy clit gets.

She leaves, i finish the workout, but left alone without the cock cage i get a to big temptation to try if i could cum lying on my belly on the floor, sissy clit turned upside down between my legs, rubbing it to the floor and against a heavy object that would squeeze it against the floor (in theory that would be Mistress’s boot, but i tried a hard plastic board, which i pressed against the floor with my hands). This is totally forbidden undertaking, i know, but i’m so horny, in heat, in weeks nothing but one wet dream, which doesn’t take the heat away. my experiment doesn’t feel special, but worth the trouble, it would be cool if Mistress would let me cum this way, maybe pressing on my butt with Her other boot.

After sauna i will mark Mistress’s favourite tv program in tv guide kneeling by the coffee table, while all O/others watch tv. She disrupts my efforts by saying i don’t need to do that any more, She doesn’t have enough time to watch much tv. She has started to work again after a year’s leave.

i have not been preparing menu in an organized way after holidays, the practise has been i prepare only tomorrow’s meal(s) in advance.

In the evening i am again without guarding a moment, and i masturbate until the point of no return. i am so loaded i get a little semen leak, unfortunately now there is blood in it again.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pleasure in stories and real life

i am wearing cb again! Today at a trade fair… i get home at 11pm. Right away to bed.

In the morning in my free time (at 6am) i search my story archive of stories about males with hands tied to neck. i got excited about “Fashion” story which you find on my story list, where a male is dressed as female and kept restricted like that a lot. my cb forbids me from reading it longer at a time. The points chafe a little row of bruises at the base of my sissy clit as i read. i also look for continuation to the story ‘Consort’, which is a Lesbian D/s story including descriptions of pleasuring oneself against the boot of the Domme (also in the previous parts here and here.

At work i browse “Fashion” and get an immediate punishment by the points of intrigue. In the evening W/we have work to do: shopping, banking, getting medicine for Lina, taking care of Mistress’s laptop.

In the evening i kneel by the bed. Before that i had to find some old pics for my father’s upcoming birthday party so She got into bed before me. She asks if i have washed my genitals – 'No, Mistress' – She sends me to do it now. i get an erection as this may mean that i will get inside Her. As i get back i may warm Her feet with my hands and body. Then i must get her an electric pillow and wrap it around Her feet, She is suffering from cold feet. i ask if i could lick Her. She doesn’t feel like it. No energy. i gather my courage again and ask if i could masturbate. ‘No’.

Later She surprisingly orders me to get a condom and lie on the bed on my back. She settles on top of me and does fucking motions. Then She drops beside me and orders me to fondle and squeeze Her with my hands. i obey, squeeze her buttocks, stroke the insides of Her thighs. She spreads Her legs. i cover Her pubic mound with my palm, stroke her pussy, which i am not allowed to lick today. She doesn’t like squeezing her nipples.

‘Put the condom on!’ She turns her back on me, lying on Her side and guides the plastic glad shaft in Her crotch, rubs her pussy with it and inserts it. i start moving, try to get in a rhythm, which She would like. In that rhythm my loins bang into Her buttocks with a loud ‘thud’. W/we continue fucking on O/our sides quite a long time, then switching to the other side, then me partly on top of Her while She lies on Her belly, then on all fours. In that position i wrap my arms tightly around Her pelvis, by putting my hands both sides of Her in front of Her pelvis, to stop Her from moving forward as i enter Her, thus creating louder ‘thuds’. i try to adjust my height to suit Her better, but it becomes worse and it hurts Her. i correct my posture. Then She suddenly starts to cum, i accelerate into crescendo, but don’t cum myself.

She judges this was equivalent to one masturbation and i may start sleeping with the condom still on my totem.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A slave's birthday - expected and unexpected presents

Tuesday – my birthday!

In the morning after the shower i put cock cage on after a long while. At work the same thing happens as when i was there for the first time with the cb in the spring: first peeing, and my sissy clit gets erect in the toilet and blocks urethra. i make telephone calls from the toilet to get it small. i call back to my mother’s elderly people’s home, they had asked me to call. The nurse stars talking about my mom as if she was dead. i get shocked, i suspect they are talking about some other patron, and i am right, it’s a mix-up, but at least it gets my sissy clit down.

In the afternoon there’s a pee leakage problem. After peeing some pee is left in the urethra and leaks in my briefs after returning from toilet. As a result i must remove my briefs in the car while parked on a school’s parking lot: i have Spanish course right after work.

At home the family is waiting for me. They have done a chocolate cake with whipped cream. Lina gives me a chocolate bar as a present, with a special remark that i can eat it when i want, no regulations on that. Mistress gives me kitchen equipment: wooden forks for working with Teflon pans and tweezers for removing salmon bones. Then i must do my daily work outside paving the path.

i tell Mistress what happened at work. As it is my birthday i pluck up my courage and ask for sex. No, i will not get any.

At night i have a dream in which i do the dishes wearing a maid’s costume. my bare thighs are showing through the slits of the skirt at the sides. i wear rather thick stockings and white high heeled shoes. Some men i know walk by, only later i understand that they saw me dressed like this. i move to another room with a pot of yoghurt. i put it on the floor and start eating it without hands. At that moment i get a wonderful, long nocturnal orgasm without touching my sissy clit, fully asleep. i have not have any for a long time. i think the reason must be the unauthorized masturbation (of course not to conclusion) i committed on Sunday and Monday.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Back to chastity


My interest in sex explodes again, even at work i read a lesbian D/s sex story i have saved, and even masturbate as i still don’t need to put the cock cage back on.

i get home through a grocery store, as per Her orders i also buy a big bag of compost. Eating, changing, cleaning kitchen, dishwasher on, helping Mistress with Her laptop.

i go upstairs to ask Mistress if She wants anything, and She wants sandwich and then some juice. She asks what i plan to prepare for tomorrow, i fry some fish and cook potatoes. While Lina is near i ask Mistress if i could skip today and prepare more path tomorrow, but She sends me out in the dark to do today’s paving work right away. Then emptying dishwasher, cleaning kitchen again. Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, everything’s got to be prepared for her visit.

In the evening some exercises and She tells me to start using cock cage again starting tomorrow! i like it because i don’t want the temptation to masturbate at work again. And it seems i am well. W/we still don’t know what caused that blood in semen, but it has never bothered me again.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Good cooking skills are essential for a slave


i may spend the morning as Mistress’s assistant at the slab worksite, then prepare salmon with mushroom sauce, from yesterday’s catch. my cooking has improved a lot. ‘It’s rare to get as good meal in a restaurant’, She says.

Lying in bed under the sheets that feel damp after keeping the windows open. She gets on top of me, kisses and gropes my balls and sissy clit roughly lying on top of me. i imagine my hands are tied, it’s really sexy.

I’m still out of the cock cage, have been since the blood occurence. After work directly to Spanish lessons, i get home after 7pm. Eating, then playing with “Lina’s gym” She has built in the lobby in front of Her room, to play football with Her. The i have to quickly prepare a meal: chili con carne with red onion i get from our own garden. We eat that on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning i leave for a 4 day business trip to London, i think it’s my 7th time there. There’s no point being in cock cage, as i cannot sleep in it, so i don’t take it at all.

i behave well in London, i pluck and epilate my hair daily, but during the last night my sex drive started to go through the roof, and i hump the bed and stroke a little. Finally in the plane toilet i masturbate to the edge, to a ruined orgasm. A few thin drop of cum appears, no blood fortunately.

Getting home on Sunday starts not well. i was too interested in the newspapers i had missed, Mistress got angry. In the bed W/we finally kiss and hug and W/we agree that i mend my ways and i’m Her servant again. She gives me an order to daily continue building a paved path in O/our garden.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Weekend cums


In the program of the morning there is planning of next week’s menu, visiting a few grocery stores with the shopping list i prepared on the basis of the menu, getting Mistress certain books from the library etc. Then preparing lunch. In the afternoon Mistress wants to go into the woods to pick up mushrooms, and after that there’s a lot of mushroom cleaning work for me in the kitchen. In addition to that i melt some frozen crabs and W/we have a traditional crab party on the deck even though the air is chilly.

In the bedroom Mistress tells me to lower my pants, get into bed ass up, and She bites my buttocks as i bite the pillow. i may suck Her breasts. She sends me to get a condom, and while She lies on Her side, She orders me to fuck Her from behind. That’s straightforward compared to Her standards. She seems to want an orgasm with no extras. She doesn’t climax on Her side this time, so She settles on all fours, and cums easily in that position. She’s so quick i don’t get to the top, and of course i would have no permission to cum, as i just accidentally came. So it’s just ‘get the condom to the trash can’. As i go i notice there is at least no blood in the condom.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Without cock cage, still in chastity


Mistress orders me not to use the cock cage because of the blood issue (getting blood in semen, cause unknown, did not repeat). Home through grocery store. i eat old leftovers that have been frozen and defrosted, directly from the container. i head for the slab worksite, but Mistress orders me to mow the lawn and then prepare a new meal for them. After W/we have eaten i may get ice creams for all and finish my work with tax returns.


i feel a flu coming on. i think i have only got one mild flu during the year. Am i getting ill because i have started to slip? i have been drinking regular Pepsi many nights without asking permission. However it was not me who bought regular Pepsi…

In the morning i get an order to purchase a new freezer. i go to hardware store from work, and with Mats’s help we get the freezer from the Mercedes i am loaning today, and into the garden shed where W/we first place it. Then i clean the shed under Mistress’s guidance and tend to kids bikes.


It gets late at work, no D/s. Flu is taking the fight out of me.


i get an order to come home straight from work, no visits to grocery stores today. At home a seductive kiss. Soon i take kids to their swimming rehearsals. During that She orders me to undress completely, put on the new plastic apron and the matching flowery rubber gloves. Dressed like that i serve mistress, who sits on the sofa and gives commands. She makes me tend to the indoor plants, changing pots, sinking orchideas in water etc. The apron is very stiff, but it is nice to be naked with it, sissy clits gets rubbed nicely against the inside of the plastic apron. my sissy clit has been out of cock cage since Tuesday. i have been obedient, no unallowed masturbation during the week! W/we continue so long that i have to drive to the swimming hall in a hurry to pick kids up.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cumming at last - but what an unpleasant surprise


She gives me an order to purchase more mortar after work. She’s working late today, i try to call Her as i get home, and ask what tasks i had to complete. i cannot reach Her. i change and eat, then She comes homes. A lot of brickwork, until She calls me to get back in. Supper, then She hurries upstairs.

After bedtime chores She locks the bedroom door, orders me to open the toy chest. i find Her black stockings and a black body. i may fix the suspenders at the back. i get leather bracelets in my wrists and ankles myself, and the broad leather collar. She sits on the edge of the bed, and gestures me to suck Her nipples and lick Her pussy. She orders me to get the condom and i get on the bed, under Her. She impales Herself on me and i get to fuck Her a while bareback, until She makes me put the condom on. i am allowed to fuck Her from below, and then as W/we lay on O/our sides. i can make my loins again slam against Her buttocks with a nice sound, ‘thud, thud, thud…’ Usually that leads to Her orgasm, and this time is no exception. i think i can keep myself from cumming but exactly as my brain registers Her order to stop, i pass the point of no return. i start cumming, and it is a huge experience to cum after such a long, long time in chastity, especially as my sissy clit was still inside her pussy, not moving of course, as She ordered me to stop.

The surprise comes as i already stand up by the bed. Mistress wonders why the tip of the condom is full of blood. As i examine it further, it turns out there is blood among cum. First i think my sissy clit is bruised during lovemaking, but that’s not the case. To the laptop i go, to google facts about this. Well, it seems not anything dangerous, but it surely is disgusting. The good thing it has not happened again after that, it was some unique condition.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A busy weekend

i hurry quickly from work to home through a grocery store, as Mistress is feeling ‘lonely’, kids are not at home. She makes me massage Her shoulders, but soon Lina gets home and the chance is over.

Mistress is working today and i have to do some cleaning of the forest near O/our house with the neighbours. Then i leave to see my Mom in the hospital, and it takes until evening. At home i have to collect apples from the garden, a barrowful.

i’m under Mistress’s strict command. She has ordered porridge for breakfast, then as Her assistant at the slabwork site, until i get an order to prepare lunch – carrot soup and lamb steaks.

After lunch She decides to cut my hair. i have to take the equipment to the bathroom. i sit on a bench. She sticks Her tongue in my ear. i pull my head away as my ears are very sensitive. She gets angry, orders me up and pants down. She takes an exfoliating cloth, raises my cb and rubs my crotch with it, then buttocks and the cleft. Then i may lift the pants and sit down. The cloth feels so rough against my sensitive parts. Then She proceed to cut my hair. As She uses the razor, She empties it on the floor first ‘as i need practise in cleaning up’. After She’s ready i have to clen up everything, the hair and the equipment.

i have to take Lina to her friend and visit the grocery store. In the mean time Mistress has cleaned up the kitchen a bit, She complains it was poorly cleaned. She decided W/we go to the gym next. i will have to use the shower there (with the cb on), no chance of getting into sauna at home. As W/we get home She sends me to pick mushrooms, and then i will have to use them to prepare a dish – and later She orders me to make a chocolate cake too. In the evening She wants me to play Monopoly with Mats and continue preparing tax return forms.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mistress makes me remember my place

Both working late, i get home a bit earlier, and prepare dinner. Her period starts.

i wake up already at 5.45, epilate more thoroughly than usual, make porridge. A board meeting in the evening, it gets late.

i prepare lunch for Mistress in the morning before going to work, as i didn’t have time to do it in the evening. This week there are meetings nearly every evening and Mistress has to be working on Saturday as well. i have to help neighbours on Saturday and my mother is taken to hospital, i have to drive to my hometown to see Her on weekend. So there is very little room for D/s right now. However i prepare a meal at 8.30pm right after getting home.

i get home a bit earlier today, but Mistress is working until 11pm. She calls me as i get home and i ask Her about my assignments. She gives me a free night! But i have only time to eat and i have to set off again to a meeting. As i get home i prepare a fajitas meal for supper and start waiting for Mistress to get home. i have to wait a long time. i browse the net. It’s a couple of weeks since i have done that. i am experiencing a sexual recession. i get however so excited the points dig into my sissy clit and i will have to switch to preparing my tax return. Mistress arrives finally. i have not eaten anything sweet without Her permission, now i have an urge, and ask about ice cream, dig in the cookie pot. She doesn’t listen to me at first but then She orders both of U/us ice creams.

In bed She gropes my genitals in the thong, turns on top of me and allows me to suck of Her breast for a short while ‘to remember my place’.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Another humiliating outfit for me


An alarm clock wake up for me, preparing tax papers, porridge.

Today W/we go to a medieval fair with Mats. There, at a marketplace Mistress makes me purchase myself an embarrassing wax cloth apron with matching flowery plastic gloves. She has become racier lately. She has started to call me Her kitchen maid in private, and i have to really be sure that if i sit on the sofa during evenings, the kitchen must be spotless W/we had a fun time eating cappuccino sticks the other day. Before i got to eat, the stick went into my nose or Her mouth. Saturday evening i had to kneel, lower my pants to knees, set my upper body on the bed, and She stuck repeatedly my ass with probably a needle.

On Sunday morning She orders me on my knees in the kitchen, hands behind back, and makes me drink a bottle of water W/we bought at the fair, while She reminds me that nothing that W/we buy must come to waste, making fun of the thing that i had said that they everything was overpriced at the fair. Then She sends me to the gym. Later She asks me if i would like to be treated like Lina treats O/our cat. Lina tries to teach tricks to the cat, orders it to stay and whatever, dominates it as she pleases. Mistress starts to do similar things to me now, scratches my hair roughly, digs out discharge from my eyes. She says i don’t resist like the cat.

Sunday is spent working. i will get to carry stone slabs, prepare food – a two course lunch. In the afternoon She wants to pick mushrooms in the forest, i prepare cocoa and a sandwich box for us, pack the rucksack. In the forest i pick cranberries for Mistress, She picks some too. At home i warm up the sauna, clean and chop the mushrooms, fry them, even prepare a cranberry pie. It becomes a long night. She scolds me because i used a swear word as i prepared potato-leek-soup and a potato fell on the floor.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Faking the male orgasm


Home through a grocery store. Then a swift meal and a society board meeting. i know that after i return from there, i must select the rest of the slabs to be used, it takes until 9pm until She approves them. As i get to eat before tv, i fall asleep four times during the next half an hour.

Then upstairs, bedtime chores, i kneel without doing my exercises by the bed as She is already in bed. She shows me pictures from Her art book, naked ladies, asks me if that was yesterday’s porn. i notice She is bare breasted, i ask if i may suck Her nipples, She says yes! She moans. She orders me to close the door, not lock it, and get a condom. Then She points the bed beside Her, so i lie there on my back. She orders me to remove my thong, sleeveless shirt and socks. ‘Now it looks better’, She says. She settles on me, sitting on my chest and switches of the light. Slowly She moves towards my head until She is on my face, and i can start licking Her under Her slip. i lick Her clit and i hit on pushing my chin against Her vulva at each lick. She likes this and starts to moan again.

She stands up and orders me to put on the condom and grabs my balls pulling on them. Because of my fatigue my erection was not good as W/we started, but during pussylicking it has recovered and Her pulling on my balls makes me rock hard.

Now She settles again on me, impales Herself on me and starts to fuck me, says it aloud: ‘Now you get laid, and there’s nothing you can do about it’. Then i may fuck Her from below and finally from behind. Even if it is dark, i see a little and sense of touch compensates sight and i feel more. As i fuck her from behind She starts to cum and i manage to fake an orgasm – accelerating the speed – without cumming myself. She is happy with that and orders me to fall asleep right away.

During the night She wakes me up to get Her water and take the cat out.

Her nightly orgasm


i meet Mistress already in the garage where She’s making mortar. She’s the man around the house as i cook and clean. i apologize and promise to mend my ways. She states i have now two hard punishments in due instead of just one. i succumb to that and get instructions to eat, change and report at the slab worksite. There i will clean, fetch, make mortar and assist during the next couple of hours, until She decides to stop. She goes to walk the cat with Lina. Soon Lina comes and transmits to me Her order of going to the beach and empty the boats, which i do immediately. In the evening She makes me do a lot of small tasks like cleaning the kitchen, switching lights off etc. After exercises i may massage Her back. Then to bed. In the morning She tells me She had a nocturnal orgasm.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Trying to be polite and losing it


i don’t mess up with sex stories at work any more. The top season must have ended last weekend. i call Mistress, ask whether i’m disturbing Her and ask politely about Her possible meal wishes and shopping list. i get instructions, shop in a grocery store on my way home. At home Mistress orders me to lay more slabs as i have recovered. She supervises the work and orders me to redo parts of it. As She approves one step, She sends me off the prepare enchilados. As they are finally ready, i may eat for supper (and for tomorrow’s lunch – i am not allowed a lunch in a restaurant every day) my Goan shrimp curry, which didn’t quite succeed, it became too spicy.

In the evening She orders me to pay a bill of Hers, but before that i became indignant at a totally insignificant matter - Her putting too many stamps on an envelope, and i ostentatiously slap the light switch on. ‘Don’t put up a demonstration’, She says. i blow up, ‘When am i supposed to demonstrate’, i shout as hard as i can. ‘In your position, never’, She answers calmly. We continue little more peacefully, and i do the bank transfer She wants even though i’m still in an agitated state of mind and slap the laptop. i notice it is one year from the beginning of the 24/7 D/s. She points out, that already last week was a lousy performance from me.