Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An alternative for nettles?

W/we go shopping in the morning, i purchase the groceries while Girls visit clothes stores. As i return from comparing the prices of cat food They already have Their hands full of bags. i still have to buy Lina a MP3 player and W/we visit a coffee shop while waiting for Lina’s sleepover friend to arrive at the bus station.

Back at home, She orders me to prepare lunch. Then W/we take Mats with the boat for his sleepover and to play tennis. As W/we get back, Mistress orders me in the beach hut. ‘Drop your pants’ She has taken a dry, thorny stem of comfrey and rubs my buttocks with it and (ouch!) my balls, not protected my cock cage. ‘The level of your service is not as high as it should be!’ She makes me keep the stem in my briefs, and sends me to pick apples from the lawn. She fixes the lawnmower (i am all the time more surprised and fascinated by Her growing skills with machines and tools. Then She tells me to mow the lawn.

For dinner i make shrimp pasta, which is good and quickly eaten. Mistress says the stem in my shorts is not having the effect She wanted, and She slaps my face for the first time! She’s becoming more and more dominant, it seems!

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