Saturday, 6 August 2011

Another humiliating outfit for me


An alarm clock wake up for me, preparing tax papers, porridge.

Today W/we go to a medieval fair with Mats. There, at a marketplace Mistress makes me purchase myself an embarrassing wax cloth apron with matching flowery plastic gloves. She has become racier lately. She has started to call me Her kitchen maid in private, and i have to really be sure that if i sit on the sofa during evenings, the kitchen must be spotless W/we had a fun time eating cappuccino sticks the other day. Before i got to eat, the stick went into my nose or Her mouth. Saturday evening i had to kneel, lower my pants to knees, set my upper body on the bed, and She stuck repeatedly my ass with probably a needle.

On Sunday morning She orders me on my knees in the kitchen, hands behind back, and makes me drink a bottle of water W/we bought at the fair, while She reminds me that nothing that W/we buy must come to waste, making fun of the thing that i had said that they everything was overpriced at the fair. Then She sends me to the gym. Later She asks me if i would like to be treated like Lina treats O/our cat. Lina tries to teach tricks to the cat, orders it to stay and whatever, dominates it as she pleases. Mistress starts to do similar things to me now, scratches my hair roughly, digs out discharge from my eyes. She says i don’t resist like the cat.

Sunday is spent working. i will get to carry stone slabs, prepare food – a two course lunch. In the afternoon She wants to pick mushrooms in the forest, i prepare cocoa and a sandwich box for us, pack the rucksack. In the forest i pick cranberries for Mistress, She picks some too. At home i warm up the sauna, clean and chop the mushrooms, fry them, even prepare a cranberry pie. It becomes a long night. She scolds me because i used a swear word as i prepared potato-leek-soup and a potato fell on the floor.

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