Monday, 15 August 2011

Back to chastity


My interest in sex explodes again, even at work i read a lesbian D/s sex story i have saved, and even masturbate as i still don’t need to put the cock cage back on.

i get home through a grocery store, as per Her orders i also buy a big bag of compost. Eating, changing, cleaning kitchen, dishwasher on, helping Mistress with Her laptop.

i go upstairs to ask Mistress if She wants anything, and She wants sandwich and then some juice. She asks what i plan to prepare for tomorrow, i fry some fish and cook potatoes. While Lina is near i ask Mistress if i could skip today and prepare more path tomorrow, but She sends me out in the dark to do today’s paving work right away. Then emptying dishwasher, cleaning kitchen again. Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, everything’s got to be prepared for her visit.

In the evening some exercises and She tells me to start using cock cage again starting tomorrow! i like it because i don’t want the temptation to masturbate at work again. And it seems i am well. W/we still don’t know what caused that blood in semen, but it has never bothered me again.

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