Monday, 22 August 2011

Body learning


i wake up at 5.45, so i have 20 minutes to read ’Fashion’-story. First however i go to toilet to pluck my thighs. Again i use a strings to check that the line is straight and goes round the thigh. It is good, just a little bit more to be plucked today from the outside of the thigh. Then again on the floor on my shoulders, i examine my butt with magnifying mirror. It looks really cool and hairless, but there are hairs in the cleft and some around the asshole. i pluck them away with tweezers while keeping the position, head down ass up. Then i put on the cb and go to my laptop. i start getting used to being in the cb again all the time. Although i get excited and slime oozes from my sissy clit, i don’t get so hard that points would stick and make small holes in the base of my sissy clit. Could it be called body learning? It’s one of the greatest points in being in a cock cage – how my body adapts to the inevitable presence of the unyielding cage and inward spikes.

During the day i read batches of Fashion. i pee in the morning at 6am, next time i pee at 4pm, and after that next morning. Because of the possibility of smell problems i try to pee at long intervals. i drink as little coffee as possible, because it is a strong diuretic and causes need to pee.

i visit a grocery store while on a business trip to Fredrikstad. i get home before Her, i use the extra time to read the story another 20 minutes. Lina is cleaning up kitchen, for her own pleasure! We lay the table nicely for Mistress, she doesn’t want Her to see the table before it’s ready. i am not allowed to warm up sauna, instead She tells me to continue paving and preapre an Indian soup for tomorrrow, i have to get onions and mint from the garden. In the bed i tell Mistress about my fantasy of humping between the floor and Her boot. She doesn’t comment.

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