Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A busy weekend

i hurry quickly from work to home through a grocery store, as Mistress is feeling ‘lonely’, kids are not at home. She makes me massage Her shoulders, but soon Lina gets home and the chance is over.

Mistress is working today and i have to do some cleaning of the forest near O/our house with the neighbours. Then i leave to see my Mom in the hospital, and it takes until evening. At home i have to collect apples from the garden, a barrowful.

i’m under Mistress’s strict command. She has ordered porridge for breakfast, then as Her assistant at the slabwork site, until i get an order to prepare lunch – carrot soup and lamb steaks.

After lunch She decides to cut my hair. i have to take the equipment to the bathroom. i sit on a bench. She sticks Her tongue in my ear. i pull my head away as my ears are very sensitive. She gets angry, orders me up and pants down. She takes an exfoliating cloth, raises my cb and rubs my crotch with it, then buttocks and the cleft. Then i may lift the pants and sit down. The cloth feels so rough against my sensitive parts. Then She proceed to cut my hair. As She uses the razor, She empties it on the floor first ‘as i need practise in cleaning up’. After She’s ready i have to clen up everything, the hair and the equipment.

i have to take Lina to her friend and visit the grocery store. In the mean time Mistress has cleaned up the kitchen a bit, She complains it was poorly cleaned. She decided W/we go to the gym next. i will have to use the shower there (with the cb on), no chance of getting into sauna at home. As W/we get home She sends me to pick mushrooms, and then i will have to use them to prepare a dish – and later She orders me to make a chocolate cake too. In the evening She wants me to play Monopoly with Mats and continue preparing tax return forms.

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