Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Control restored

Spanish lessons, home late. No time for anything.

The same thing. i get home 8.30pm. In bed Mistress makes me lie on my belly, bites me earlobe, pushes Her tongue in my ear and squeezes my buttocks. Then to sleep.

Mistress joins me for my ride to work, She’s going to Oslo today. We have time to chat in the car. Kids have notices my epilator, and that i use it for long times in the morning. They have also notices that part of my body and pubic hair has been removed. Mistress has explained it to kids, told them how it is - that i want to shave part of my body hair. No artificial explanations.

She tells me that work and stress have taken Her libido away. i tell Her that i have been horny. A difficult equation.

During Her way home She calls and tells me to wait in the town center until her bus arrives, do grocery shopping and buy Her some stuff. Then i wait for Her in the car. She arrives at 6 o’clock.

Finally W/we are both home in the evening, and She restores the D/s immediately. ‘Prepare me some tea’ ‘Go and get me juice from the freezer in the shed’ ‘Prepare sandwicches for supper – and a meal for tomorrow’ ‘Fold the laundry’ etc. i will not slouch and read today’s paper. i try to, but She interrupts me right away and orders me to clear the table and clean the kitchen.

In the bed i may suck Her breasts and take Her used sanitary napkin to a bag which i will get from ground floor, but finally She decides She will postpone having sex till tomorrow as She's got Her period.


  1. "Mistress has explained it to kids, told them how it is. No artificial explanation."

    Did she tell the children she is the boss and you the servant? And that she wants you to be without pubic hair?

    Were you present when she told them?

    I hope you will write about the children's reaction.

  2. i was not present at the time. Surely She did not tell that She orders me to shave my body, i assume She told them that i (want to) shave some part of my body hair and that's something adults may want to do.

  3. Thank you, Mia. So it was not too embarrassing for you.