Thursday, 4 August 2011

Faking the male orgasm


Home through a grocery store. Then a swift meal and a society board meeting. i know that after i return from there, i must select the rest of the slabs to be used, it takes until 9pm until She approves them. As i get to eat before tv, i fall asleep four times during the next half an hour.

Then upstairs, bedtime chores, i kneel without doing my exercises by the bed as She is already in bed. She shows me pictures from Her art book, naked ladies, asks me if that was yesterday’s porn. i notice She is bare breasted, i ask if i may suck Her nipples, She says yes! She moans. She orders me to close the door, not lock it, and get a condom. Then She points the bed beside Her, so i lie there on my back. She orders me to remove my thong, sleeveless shirt and socks. ‘Now it looks better’, She says. She settles on me, sitting on my chest and switches of the light. Slowly She moves towards my head until She is on my face, and i can start licking Her under Her slip. i lick Her clit and i hit on pushing my chin against Her vulva at each lick. She likes this and starts to moan again.

She stands up and orders me to put on the condom and grabs my balls pulling on them. Because of my fatigue my erection was not good as W/we started, but during pussylicking it has recovered and Her pulling on my balls makes me rock hard.

Now She settles again on me, impales Herself on me and starts to fuck me, says it aloud: ‘Now you get laid, and there’s nothing you can do about it’. Then i may fuck Her from below and finally from behind. Even if it is dark, i see a little and sense of touch compensates sight and i feel more. As i fuck her from behind She starts to cum and i manage to fake an orgasm – accelerating the speed – without cumming myself. She is happy with that and orders me to fall asleep right away.

During the night She wakes me up to get Her water and take the cat out.

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