Friday, 19 August 2011

Committing unsupervised masturbation

i epilate the tops of my thighs. Now i can move the epilator round my upper thigh.

i get hooked up in “Fashion” story again and read a bit at work. This chastity is making me so excited again. W/we bought smoked salmon for dinner, so i don’t need to prepare a new dish. Mistress orders me to warm up sauna and do paving work. In sauna i have to do the long water workout. She watches me by the pool. i mention i may get excited, and soon She sees my erect sissy clit bouncing up and down in the water (the cock cage is removed for sauna). Doing water workout is some weeks all rubbing my sissy clit gets.

She leaves, i finish the workout, but left alone without the cock cage i get a to big temptation to try if i could cum lying on my belly on the floor, sissy clit turned upside down between my legs, rubbing it to the floor and against a heavy object that would squeeze it against the floor (in theory that would be Mistress’s boot, but i tried a hard plastic board, which i pressed against the floor with my hands). This is totally forbidden undertaking, i know, but i’m so horny, in heat, in weeks nothing but one wet dream, which doesn’t take the heat away. my experiment doesn’t feel special, but worth the trouble, it would be cool if Mistress would let me cum this way, maybe pressing on my butt with Her other boot.

After sauna i will mark Mistress’s favourite tv program in tv guide kneeling by the coffee table, while all O/others watch tv. She disrupts my efforts by saying i don’t need to do that any more, She doesn’t have enough time to watch much tv. She has started to work again after a year’s leave.

i have not been preparing menu in an organized way after holidays, the practise has been i prepare only tomorrow’s meal(s) in advance.

In the evening i am again without guarding a moment, and i masturbate until the point of no return. i am so loaded i get a little semen leak, unfortunately now there is blood in it again.

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