Sunday, 14 August 2011

Good cooking skills are essential for a slave


i may spend the morning as Mistress’s assistant at the slab worksite, then prepare salmon with mushroom sauce, from yesterday’s catch. my cooking has improved a lot. ‘It’s rare to get as good meal in a restaurant’, She says.

Lying in bed under the sheets that feel damp after keeping the windows open. She gets on top of me, kisses and gropes my balls and sissy clit roughly lying on top of me. i imagine my hands are tied, it’s really sexy.

I’m still out of the cock cage, have been since the blood occurence. After work directly to Spanish lessons, i get home after 7pm. Eating, then playing with “Lina’s gym” She has built in the lobby in front of Her room, to play football with Her. The i have to quickly prepare a meal: chili con carne with red onion i get from our own garden. We eat that on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning i leave for a 4 day business trip to London, i think it’s my 7th time there. There’s no point being in cock cage, as i cannot sleep in it, so i don’t take it at all.

i behave well in London, i pluck and epilate my hair daily, but during the last night my sex drive started to go through the roof, and i hump the bed and stroke a little. Finally in the plane toilet i masturbate to the edge, to a ruined orgasm. A few thin drop of cum appears, no blood fortunately.

Getting home on Sunday starts not well. i was too interested in the newspapers i had missed, Mistress got angry. In the bed W/we finally kiss and hug and W/we agree that i mend my ways and i’m Her servant again. She gives me an order to daily continue building a paved path in O/our garden.

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