Thursday, 4 August 2011

Her nightly orgasm


i meet Mistress already in the garage where She’s making mortar. She’s the man around the house as i cook and clean. i apologize and promise to mend my ways. She states i have now two hard punishments in due instead of just one. i succumb to that and get instructions to eat, change and report at the slab worksite. There i will clean, fetch, make mortar and assist during the next couple of hours, until She decides to stop. She goes to walk the cat with Lina. Soon Lina comes and transmits to me Her order of going to the beach and empty the boats, which i do immediately. In the evening She makes me do a lot of small tasks like cleaning the kitchen, switching lights off etc. After exercises i may massage Her back. Then to bed. In the morning She tells me She had a nocturnal orgasm.

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