Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kids away, toy chest opens

W/we have been looking forward to Friday, kids hobby day, as W/we have time together. The day at work has been tiring, but as i return from taking the kids to the swimming hall, i have a ready hard-on. She orders me to get a small glass of white wine for Herself, and soon She leads me upstairs where She tells me to draw the blinds and get undressed. Next i “must” open the toy chest, take black stay-up stockings and put them on Mistress. First one have a run, next pair. For me She chooses just one accessory: the posture collar, with O-rings all around.

i may lick Her pussy now on my knees, She sits on the edge of the bed. i am still wearing the cock cage. But now She wants the riding crop, because i have been behaving badly. ‘Kneel facing the wall’ i receive smarting blows on my buttocks. ‘Turn around, stay on your knees’ my balls are hanging free below the cock cage and now She targets them. Even light blows hurt like hell. Then i may get the condom and patter according to orders to the bed and on my back to be fucked. First She bounces a little on my chest with Her bare bottom and then smothers me with Her pussy and gives me an order to lick. Now She settles on my condomed sissy clit and i may fuck Her from below, then on my side from behind. Next She orders me to the doggy position, and in a mirror i see my funny reflection: just a posture collar and the Reserved-sign hanging over its top. Soon She cums, and i too. i stop moving in the middle of my orgasm. The feeling gets over the top. Then cleaning up, dressing up, to pick up the kids.

Pic courtesy of Strap-on Jane

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