Monday, 8 August 2011

Mistress makes me remember my place

Both working late, i get home a bit earlier, and prepare dinner. Her period starts.

i wake up already at 5.45, epilate more thoroughly than usual, make porridge. A board meeting in the evening, it gets late.

i prepare lunch for Mistress in the morning before going to work, as i didn’t have time to do it in the evening. This week there are meetings nearly every evening and Mistress has to be working on Saturday as well. i have to help neighbours on Saturday and my mother is taken to hospital, i have to drive to my hometown to see Her on weekend. So there is very little room for D/s right now. However i prepare a meal at 8.30pm right after getting home.

i get home a bit earlier today, but Mistress is working until 11pm. She calls me as i get home and i ask Her about my assignments. She gives me a free night! But i have only time to eat and i have to set off again to a meeting. As i get home i prepare a fajitas meal for supper and start waiting for Mistress to get home. i have to wait a long time. i browse the net. It’s a couple of weeks since i have done that. i am experiencing a sexual recession. i get however so excited the points dig into my sissy clit and i will have to switch to preparing my tax return. Mistress arrives finally. i have not eaten anything sweet without Her permission, now i have an urge, and ask about ice cream, dig in the cookie pot. She doesn’t listen to me at first but then She orders both of U/us ice creams.

In bed She gropes my genitals in the thong, turns on top of me and allows me to suck of Her breast for a short while ‘to remember my place’.

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