Sunday, 28 August 2011

A mouth punishment

i wake up before 6am, and have to leave for work at 7.30, so i have 30 minutes net time – Mistress160. In the evening i install my Mistress’s laptop. In the bed i rub tiger balm again to Her shoulder, until my hand hurts. Then W/we kiss, feels wonderful, and to sleep in denial. Is She teaching me to cum when W/we fuck?

Spanish lessons, arriving home late. i have to prepare soy salmon for tomorrow. i’m already going to bed as She reminds me to put all the apple juice to freezer. After that She chews on my earlobe, and stretches it with Her teeth, tells me not to cry, pushes Her tongue in my ear and bites me nipple so that i cannot help but cry out. my package downstairs is ignored.

i get home early, Mistress is on a training course, and arrives late this time. i do a lot of paving work with Lina and then my accounts. She arrives. Bedtime workout, then biting earlobe again, kissing and sucking my ears. The result: a wet dream.

Mistress calls me and orders me to drive to Oslo from work, and purchase certain sports equipment for Mats, and food. i have to continue working at home, which makes Her angry. She has to order me to clean the kitchen, as i have neglected to do it automatically as i should, and even when ordered i do a poor job. As a punishment She orders me to kneel in the kitchen, look at ceiling, open my mouth and She squeezes water from the washcloth into my mouth. In addition She squeezes my head, She’s really angry! She asks if i need the electric training collar.

In the bed She orders me to fondle Her back and and squeeze Her buttocks, but that doesn’t lead to anything. Then She settles on me with Her full weight, and presses my cheek against the bed with hand hands, full force, that’s all for today.

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