Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pleasure in stories and real life

i am wearing cb again! Today at a trade fair… i get home at 11pm. Right away to bed.

In the morning in my free time (at 6am) i search my story archive of stories about males with hands tied to neck. i got excited about “Fashion” story which you find on my story list, where a male is dressed as female and kept restricted like that a lot. my cb forbids me from reading it longer at a time. The points chafe a little row of bruises at the base of my sissy clit as i read. i also look for continuation to the story ‘Consort’, which is a Lesbian D/s story including descriptions of pleasuring oneself against the boot of the Domme (also in the previous parts here and here.

At work i browse “Fashion” and get an immediate punishment by the points of intrigue. In the evening W/we have work to do: shopping, banking, getting medicine for Lina, taking care of Mistress’s laptop.

In the evening i kneel by the bed. Before that i had to find some old pics for my father’s upcoming birthday party so She got into bed before me. She asks if i have washed my genitals – 'No, Mistress' – She sends me to do it now. i get an erection as this may mean that i will get inside Her. As i get back i may warm Her feet with my hands and body. Then i must get her an electric pillow and wrap it around Her feet, She is suffering from cold feet. i ask if i could lick Her. She doesn’t feel like it. No energy. i gather my courage again and ask if i could masturbate. ‘No’.

Later She surprisingly orders me to get a condom and lie on the bed on my back. She settles on top of me and does fucking motions. Then She drops beside me and orders me to fondle and squeeze Her with my hands. i obey, squeeze her buttocks, stroke the insides of Her thighs. She spreads Her legs. i cover Her pubic mound with my palm, stroke her pussy, which i am not allowed to lick today. She doesn’t like squeezing her nipples.

‘Put the condom on!’ She turns her back on me, lying on Her side and guides the plastic glad shaft in Her crotch, rubs her pussy with it and inserts it. i start moving, try to get in a rhythm, which She would like. In that rhythm my loins bang into Her buttocks with a loud ‘thud’. W/we continue fucking on O/our sides quite a long time, then switching to the other side, then me partly on top of Her while She lies on Her belly, then on all fours. In that position i wrap my arms tightly around Her pelvis, by putting my hands both sides of Her in front of Her pelvis, to stop Her from moving forward as i enter Her, thus creating louder ‘thuds’. i try to adjust my height to suit Her better, but it becomes worse and it hurts Her. i correct my posture. Then She suddenly starts to cum, i accelerate into crescendo, but don’t cum myself.

She judges this was equivalent to one masturbation and i may start sleeping with the condom still on my totem.

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