Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A slave's birthday - expected and unexpected presents

Tuesday – my birthday!

In the morning after the shower i put cock cage on after a long while. At work the same thing happens as when i was there for the first time with the cb in the spring: first peeing, and my sissy clit gets erect in the toilet and blocks urethra. i make telephone calls from the toilet to get it small. i call back to my mother’s elderly people’s home, they had asked me to call. The nurse stars talking about my mom as if she was dead. i get shocked, i suspect they are talking about some other patron, and i am right, it’s a mix-up, but at least it gets my sissy clit down.

In the afternoon there’s a pee leakage problem. After peeing some pee is left in the urethra and leaks in my briefs after returning from toilet. As a result i must remove my briefs in the car while parked on a school’s parking lot: i have Spanish course right after work.

At home the family is waiting for me. They have done a chocolate cake with whipped cream. Lina gives me a chocolate bar as a present, with a special remark that i can eat it when i want, no regulations on that. Mistress gives me kitchen equipment: wooden forks for working with Teflon pans and tweezers for removing salmon bones. Then i must do my daily work outside paving the path.

i tell Mistress what happened at work. As it is my birthday i pluck up my courage and ask for sex. No, i will not get any.

At night i have a dream in which i do the dishes wearing a maid’s costume. my bare thighs are showing through the slits of the skirt at the sides. i wear rather thick stockings and white high heeled shoes. Some men i know walk by, only later i understand that they saw me dressed like this. i move to another room with a pot of yoghurt. i put it on the floor and start eating it without hands. At that moment i get a wonderful, long nocturnal orgasm without touching my sissy clit, fully asleep. i have not have any for a long time. i think the reason must be the unauthorized masturbation (of course not to conclusion) i committed on Sunday and Monday.

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  1. So it was a happy birthday after all.:)
    My best wishes to you.